Beautiful Truth is a collection of Ancient Wisdom and Philosophical thoughts that I resonate with. It started as a Facebook Page in early 2012. This site is an extension of many Facebook Pages brought together in one place. Over time, I have a bit to add of my own too. I lightheartedly describe myself as a Facebook Therapist ... for myself. Consciously choosing messaging that I can go to whenever I need a bit of inspiration. An antidote to my cultural conditioning.

My website link to my third eye or 6th Chakra Facebook Page. I will share highlights here when I am inspired. Exploring our senses outside the physical five. So many perspectives out there. I share based on my own personal experience as a psychic medium of sorts. One hypothesis I have is that everyone is a medium to a greater and lesser degree. We have been taught to fear things we cannot see or do not understand. I have developed an understanding that I feel is beautiful and nothing to fear. All backed with a deep understanding of why we fear our own abilities so much.

Manic = Enthusiastic. Ministrations= Tender Loving Care. I am passionate about aligning the helping systems with actual needs of people in psychological challenges and crises. I was labeled as Bipolar Disorder in 2012 and have a Medical Degree, practiced as a Family Physician but retired early. Long before my label, I felt Medical Science was like spitting into the wind. I perceived a futility in the medical approach when supporting psychological distress. I dream of a paradigm shift in Psychiatry. That would naturally flow benefits to everyone. A more holistic approach addressing the basic human needs that go unmet would reap great rewards.

I was named at birth, the Disabled Angel. My first name, Angele, translated to Angel or messenger. My second name, Claudette, translates to lame or disabled. I have published stories under this name on a website of the same name. I upgraded my name to the differently abled messenger and now consider myself an enabled messenger. This category represents my exploration of the creative process. So important to our optimal health in my opinion.

Authentic Family began as a Facebook Page. I call it my 3rd Chakra or Solar Plexus page. Personal power page. It represents my desire to honor that each of us is a member of an Authentic Family. No matter what that looks like for you. My inspiration to start the page came out of the lack of support I found in my community for my authentic choice to consciously uncouple.

My exploration of Wild & Free and all that gets in the way. See my Facebook Page, linked with the title. I mostly share inspiring writing from others as this is an area for expansion for me. I recognize the importance of a variety of writers on this topic. Explore with me. I call this my Sacral or 2nd Chakra Facebook Page. It gets spicy sometimes...

I believe that laughter is the best medicine. I started sharing my eclectic taste in humor years ago on the Facebook Page, Joker's Wild.

How to make dreams come true: there is a formula. One simple translation is to follow your heart. Yet it is complex at the same time. I love to explore the anatomy of dream manifestation.

For me, the Physics of Consciousness was a term I came to as a relevant Science that enables access to an upgraded personal operating system (mindset) for everyone. Collaboration versus competition. Four-Point Logic versus Two-Point Logic as is commonly seen within World Systems. I set out to demonstrate its importance to the best of my ability. My greatest dream is for everyone to have access to the choices available to them in order to enjoy Optimal Health, Wellness and Vitality. To shine a light of awareness onto what I feel is the Optimal, yet presently under-recognized, Choice of mindset that leads to Vital Health.

Please see my Facebook Page (linked on this site), a fairly recent addition to my collection, until I get to transferring or creating new posts.

I firmly believe that optimizing (healing) yourself can be fun. And feed your soul. I love to collect ideas to put the fire back in my heart and soul. I share my favorite ways I do this for myself.

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Facebook: Music is the Doctor
Facebook: Cartoon Therapeutics
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Facebook: Curious Herbivore

“Enable the self-healer within.”

Angèle Beaudoin, Beauvera Health, Address, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Postcode.


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