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The Anatomy of a Miracle

August 31, 2021

I always translate miracle as Truth not yet optimally perceived.
Take a moment to contemplate the depth of this.
I use the same translation for Crazy and Magic.

Leads to the next question: what is reality? How do we know if we are perceiving reality optimally?
We create our reality, despite the fact that I do not feel most people realize this.
I always like to include the yet.
Choices. Choices.
Are you aware of all the available choices?
It is challenging to know what you do not know.
There is a huge freedom when I can accept and acknowledge this sincerely to myself.
The illusion of knowledge stops curiosity and experience … and human evolution.

One has to stop what one is doing and focus on stuff that one has never conceived of before.
The only way one can ever conceive this is focusing on the potentialities.
One way to close the gap.
The gap between what we perceive as reality, and reality optimally perceived.

Wisdom presents in many forms. There is a capacity within each human being to feel truth as it is being expressed.
Truth is amazingly relative despite the structure of our education.
The truth is perceived according to one’s level of consciousness, energetic vibration.
The exploration awaits when we delve into the Physics of our own Consciousness.
Levels of expansion and contraction are dynamic. We fluctuate until we anchor a new threshold via naturally living our lives.
What is natural living?
An optimal question with likely infinite answers.
What if we entrain to unnatural living?
An optimal question.
When we ask the optimal question, we prime ourselves to receive the optimal answer?
I value questions. And questioning the integrity and relevance of our questions.
Be patient and open with yourself. Answers do come. The experience of self-sourced answers is exciting.
Follow the breadcrumb trail guided by your inspiration.
Experiment with your own life and experience.

The ability to be both curious and aware of the many assumptions that exist unquestioned in our system of systems … is a huge asset.
What do you truly know for sure?
We have been entrained to learn from books and the experiences of others.
Remember the telephone game as a kid?
One person makes a statement, whispers it to the neighbor in a circle of people. Repeated whispering around the circle and then the last one to hear the message proclaims it.
A group of 8 or more kids demonstrates the effect well.
The final statement tends to be enormously different from the original.
And then we all laugh at the zaniness of it.
In real life though, I am no longer laughing.
I am a proponent for direct experience as a way to know reality.
With direct observation, one can start a sense of knowing.
Experience is the best teacher.

The way we are educated with volumes of subjects and materials, learning to take someone else’s word for it, voila! It becomes a habit: leading to our current confusion in the world.
I also dream of development of a Science of Integrity, if Science continues to be perceived as driving major decisions for large groups of people. This science would braid nicely with the Physics of Consciousness. There is a threshold level where integrity is naturally held. For key decisions, we would ensure that appropriate individuals would hold these positions to make choices that work for everyone.
Unity is linked to understanding. Agreement is not essential.
Polarity exists widely in the world. The divide and conquer tactic has been effective in maintaining a fear/scarcity mindset and tone in our system of systems.
Unity is linked with a love/abundance mindset.
There is a choice becoming more clear with each passing week.
Unresolved emotions and traumas are energetically purging in the current climate of 2021.
Which can be perceived as frightening until you understand the natural progression of a human being as consciousness expands. It tends not to be for the fainthearted.
Human beings are fully capable of a live and let live mentality.
This would require a truth and communication system available at this same level of consciousness which is corruption-proof.
Many self-proclaimed experts who read their expertise in a book or learned it in a course of instruction function for generations in the systems. Relative truth based on a former level of consciousness continues to be pushed, not taking into account the multifactorial shifts in the environment (the average, median and mode of consciousness levels).
Each time an experience is shared/told, the authenticity will get distorted and lost in translation. Not taking into account so many variables within the context of life.
The relevance shifts as humans evolve and the earth energy dynamics change.
We have yet to develop a system of questioning assumptions. Within the premises of pure Science, it exists in principle and not in practice. Yet.

Essential ingredients to experience a miracle:
1. A human being in their state of awareness/consciousness – not yet embodying their full capacity to flow energy through their body system.
2. Openness to allow natural flow of energy through their body. No matter whether this is within or outside of conscious awareness.

Quite simple. An experience is perceived as a miracle when one level of understanding and believing is transcended to another more expanded understanding.

One human’s miracle is another human’s reality.

Resolve INNER CHILD Wounds:
Common wounds: feeling worthless, unlovable, not intelligent or imperfect.
There are others.
I was a little late to the party of Inner Child work.
With the assistance of a facilitator, Valerie Donner, naturally gifted in many ways, I discovered a simple formula for resolving Inner Child Wounds. Click her name to link to her website, if you feel to explore.

5 Easy Steps:
1. Acknowledge
2. Accept
3. Ask for healing light to flow through your body
4. Send yourself love, take notice of yourself receiving it
5. Reassure yourself

Self-sourced. Connected to your highest vibrational parts. One term: Superconsciousness.

Prerequisite: Fully loving and accepting yourself as you are now. OR Intending to.
Awareness is 90% in the area of resolving issues. The last 10% finds you in creative ways once you have been able to allow awareness.
We all have issues.
I feel that every human being alive has PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder) to greater and lesser degrees.
Many hearts make light work.
Do it yourself or if this sounds foreign to you, discover a facilitator that resonates with you.
They are out there.
I guarantee it.

A magical equation:
Acknowledge Fear and use the 5 step formula above.
You will thank yourself.
It is an inside job.
When you get the inside in alignment, the outside world will have no other option but to follow.
An explanation of you must believe before you will see.
Many are waiting to see it before they believe it. It is a risk to not question that approach.
If we in highest relative truth are the creators of our reality ( I sincerely believe we are), and you need to see it before you believe it – failing to acknowledge your creation of duality/polarity via fear/scarcity mindset, you will not know unity energetics in the love/abundance mindset.
Simply by connecting to natural human qualities: openness, curiosity, kindness, compassion, understanding – at least the intention to get there: one opens a door to infinite possibilities. I see the risk of being a skeptic needing to see in order to believe – refusing the real-life experiment – as much greater than exploring being kind and understanding.
Unity tri-wave consciousness awaits your sincere exploration.

When You Believe sung by the singers from Prince of Egypt Musical


“Enable the self-healer within.”

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