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Beauvera Health is a collection of what began as many Facebook Pages with the holistic view of making available information/entertainment with the purpose of enabling the self-healer within. Now all is found in one place.
Each Facebook Page will continue to act as my personal bulletin board. Feel free to peruse any that match your interest and focus. I do not always create web posts for all the ideas and inspiration that I connect with.
The creator of this mashup is me: Angele Beaudoin. I began as a Family Physician in 1992 followed by a short 5 year career working full-time. I committed to be at home with lighter part-time work while raising three children. I fondly look back to my Medical Career as “spitting into the wind”. I felt a futility to it.
My Mission Statement has evolved:

To Enable and Empower Optimal Human Health

Primarily, I want to offer a viable alternative to the traditional health system. I did not invent this idea but believe it wholeheartedly. Each individual must enable the self-healer within.
What does optimal human health look like?
I believe that it is not experienced in a wide way.
Always remember to add in the yet.
I am optimistic by design.
Ask the optimal question in order to facilitate receiving the optimal answer.
This is a key to my philosophy.
I do not want to dictate how that looks for you but encourage you to discover it for yourself.
I am interesting in Do It Yourself tools.
I consider myself a Storyteller and an Artist in Life.
The optimal marriage between Art and Science- for me.
I offer broad and eclectic ideas, collected on this page.
Some have been written by me but I am not shy to share the genius of others.
It is my intention to offer a viable mindset alternative while entertaining you.
It is anyone’s guess about how successful I will be in this loving intention.

Have fun exploring the many types of sharing.

I have kept to my original categorization that I use on Facebook.
Color coding will aid in deciphering the Facebook/Chakra match.
See if you can decipher the fun puzzle I have created.

I trust you will feel my lighthearted, playful approach to a subject matter that I take very seriously.
I strive for my fullest authenticity in expression.
I encourage each visitor to do the same.

May you find your optimal harmony.
One way or another.

“Enable the self-healer within.”

Angèle Beaudoin, Beauvera Health, Address, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Postcode.


Copyright Beauvera Health, 2017. All Rights Reserved.

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