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Can Our Religions Evolve for the 21st Century?

My answer: Yes, of course.
IF they are willing to do so.

I was inspired to write this piece after watching this beautiful 15 minute video declaring Buddhism’s willingness.
Click to watch The Story So Far posted on HHK 17’s You Tube Channel. HHK 17 is short for His Holiness Karpama 17.
If all of our Religions could adopt this evolutionary view of the 17th Karmapa, it would benefit the world immensely.

I was very taken by his closing quote:
At 13:20 in this 15 minute video:
17th Karmapa is asked, What is the mission of the Karmapa in this lifetime?

“The Mission of the 17th Karmapa in this 21st century is mainly Dharma activity.
However, the Dharma must change in order to suit the time and the needs of society and its people.
Its essence will still be Buddha Dharma – but I may give it a new external shape.
I will update its expression so it can most effectively benefit people of the 21st century.
That is my mission.”
Mine too, for the record.
The future is now.

The 14th Dalai Lama is prominently featured in The Story So Far of HHK 17.
The Dalai Lama’s prophetic dream that matched the HHK 16 letter describing the future birth of HHK 17, prior to both the death of His Holiness Karpama 16 and the birth of HHK 17, is a compelling physical evidence of what I like to call The Physics of Consciousness. Most in the world refer to it as Spirituality.
I am passionate to reterm Spirituality into the language of Science.
Because as most of the world operates most comfortably in the Scientific language, I see great benefits to study Consciousness and allow the bridges between Consciousness, Spirituality and Science to be more easily conceptualized by the masses. To great benefit for all.

I have upgraded a Map of Consciousness written by Dr. David R. Hawkins in his book Power Versus Force.

Depicted above is the original scale by Dr. Hawkins.
My upgrade to this scale I call an Authenticity Scale, for lack of a better term.
I have a lot to add to the area termed enlightenment, between 700-1000.
I believe this area has been widely misunderstood by the world, myself included.
Enlightenment is kind of a scary term. Which led me to rename it Authenticity.
Authenticity is not scary, is it?
Through our programmed beliefs about who Jesus Christ (and others) were, enlightened beings, it feels very unrealistic to achieve enlightenment.
To achieve Authenticity is what I profess.
Do we know what an authentic human being looks like?
Not widely so, I would boldly declare.
I would like to direct Scientific Study towards these questions:
What does an authentic human being look like?
How does an authentic human being behave?
The Field of Study would be called The Physics of Consciousness.

I see the concept of an Authenticity Scale as a valuable tool to use in today’s environment.
Fitting best into Physics, Quantum Physics.
Evolving with our understanding of Consciousness.
I do not profess that this tool is the fundamental truth, yet perhaps it is, but an important concept to allow us to dig out of the trench of our Unsustainable System of Systems that do not take into account the needs of an Authentic Human Being. I do not feel we have connected to what these needs are as yet.
Our systems reflect this lack of knowledge.
For the purpose of optimizing ourselves and the world we live in, I recommend we use this Authenticity Scale as a bridge to understanding ourselves and the energetic component of our multidimensional anatomy that is currently bypassed within the realm of Medical Science as it is most commonly applied in the modern Western World.
I am not choosing to include my working model of the Authenticity Scale in this piece.
A multidisciplinary, collaborative approach to this work would be my dream in this lifetime.
I dream of the day when the Scientific Instruments become widely available to aid us in studying this and applying it to our world systems.
I use a couple of terms for myself in this grand hypothesis: Futurist and Physics of Consciousness Professor.
Easily termed crazy by the Scientists living in the status quo of our modern day.
Not a problem.
I always translate crazy to mean: Truth not yet optimally perceived.
I encourage more of our Scientists to open their mind and become willing to apply the Scientific principles to my theories.
This would involve:
1. Questioning assumptions made by Medical Science related to Consciousness.
2. Getting curious as to what is the optimal truth about Consciousness.
3. Starting to investigate a variety of hypotheses with the aim of …
Enabling and Empowering Optimal Human Health.
The prior bolded sentence is my Personal Mission Statement for my upcoming Professional Work.

Mahayana Buddhism was felt by Dr. David R. Hawkins and his team to be the most evolved living Religion in the world at the time of writing his book, Power Vs. Force. His group muscle-tested it at 970. That piece truly captured my attention.
I agree wholeheartedly with this perspective.
I am an Ex-Catholic who has always been interested in Comparative Religion.
Theology fascinates me.
I took a Catechism course in St. Albert, Alberta back in 1992 or 1993, in preparation for my marriage, September 1993, in the Catholic Church to a man whose parents were born, raised and educated in Mauritius, Africa. His grandparents born in China, immigrated to Mauritius in early adulthood to escape the Japanese invasion that was expected in the late 1930’s. My family to be were simultaneously attending a private Catechism course taught by a Nun of Chinese origin. A fascinating contrast. I will spare the details.
I recall it was Father Brian who taught my course, which ended up being my dream course that would have been better titled, Comparative Theology of some of the World’s main Religions.
Led me to a dream of seeing a similar course delivered to all children of the World, starting with the Edmonton Public School System where my 3 children have and are currently being educated.
I dove into a role as an Education Advocate about 15 years ago, as my first child entered Kindergarten.
A tumultuous political time in Alberta’s Education History.
My experience as an Education Advocate could be termed traumatic, but on the plus side, it was highly educational. As to the unwillingness of the System to consider optimal change.
Most of our systems are entrenched. Continuing on as they have for the suboptimal reason:
We have always done it this way.

I am presently relating with many First Nations Elders from both the United States and Canada.
I see the same dream repeating itself if it could be applied to the First Nations deep wound that exists within Canadian Culture. A skeleton in the closet that Canada’s citizens are extremely reluctant to look at.
The First Nations people are also challenged to commit to optimize the relationship.

I could write volumes more on this topic but I will not try to connect all the dots in this brief article.
To ask for Religions of all denominations, I include First Nation Traditions within this broad term, to consider how they can evolve their beliefs to Optimize the people … would:
Raise the Stage
Change the Conversation (implies starting the Conversation)
Leading to World Peace.

I conclude with my favorite definition du jour of Consciousness:
Everything Exists,
And Nothing is Judged:
Allows you to live fully as you believe in and function from a reality of possibility.

A few more quotes to live by:

To empower yourself is the greatest gift anyone can give to the world.

“Deprogram yourself:
Assertively retrain your mind.
Go from thinking to doing.
Mindset over Matter.”

“Confidence is humility.

Insecurity is arrogance.”

And … My all-time Favorite:

Live and Let Live.
(Goes a long way towards World Peace)

I leave you with on of my favorite songs I sung (in 6 part harmony with the Church Choir back in the day):
Dona Nobis Pacem
performed by Yo Yo Ma.
The title is Latin for Grant Us Peace.
Another version by Cantus: Dona Nobis Pacem.
Niagara Children’s Choir sing the version my choir sung decades ago. Dona Nobis Pacem.

I recently scoured the internet looking for an optimal choral version of the Canon, as sung by the Children’s Choir. It does not exist … Yet.
I predict that my passionate desire for one, will plant a seed somewhere on the earth for one to be produced. When? Anyone’s guess.

“Enable the self-healer within.”

Angèle Beaudoin, Beauvera Health, Address, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Postcode.


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