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I explore the opportunities for growth for our current systems.
I dream of a day when our systems work with my Mission Statement:
To Enable and Empower Optimal Human Health.
To my eye, we are not there yet.
I like to Focus on Solutions.
Let us see how far that will take me.
The more of us that collaborate in this endeavor, the quicker we can enact the solutions.
I have heard it said that we have all that we need right now to humanely provide for every single human being presently on the planet. We have yet to match up the will to do so with the enactment.
Always remember to add in the … yet.
I am optimistic by design.

Each individual must make their inspired choices.
As the numbers grow, it will enact some new solutions.

“Enable the self-healer within.”

Angèle Beaudoin, Beauvera Health, Address, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Postcode.


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