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Do You Have A Thinking Problem?

April 8, 2019
(Wrote over 3 sittings: March 1, April 6, April 8, 2019)

Yes, you read me correctly.
A thinking problem.
I boldly claim that you do.
We all do.
Thinking problems are at the foundation of ALL challenges we face on earth today.

I sit down to this writing after reading Chapter 5 of The Big Book. (Click title to Wikipedia link)
My borrowed copy is of the 16th printing from 2005.
I am compelled to write by hand into a blank notebook.
I rarely write by hand … as in … with a pen.
I recognize that on the rare occasions when I do, it is due to a high level truth of great intimate importance.

I could go into a discussion of the various pathways that our collective thinking problem can play out diversely in each of our lives.
I will not.
Just look around you and notice the state of our world.
The history books add their own flavor to our state of affairs.

I wholeheartedly believe that now, more than ever, is a time to choose to be solutions-oriented.
Ultimately, within yourself, you will decide if this pragmatic offering resonates with you.
I see it as a potential shortcut.
To discover who you truly are.
Outside of the entrancement and indoctrination you have experienced thus far in your life.
As we all have.
I offer:          5 Steps to Transcend Your Thinking Problem

Step 1.
Develop curiosity about what is possible for any and all human beings when in their optimal state.

Step 2.
Envision an optimal future.
How would you spend your time?
Who would you prefer to spend time with?
(I recommend using nonspecific descriptive words to describe roles rather than specific names.
To honor the sovereignty/free will of others amplifies collective harmony.)
Do not believe everything you think right now.
I strongly encourage you to be open to the fact that everything you believe holds you back from your optimal state.
Question everything you have ever believed to be true.
To the best of your ability.
Start with a clean slate and allow experience to teach you.

Step 3.
Carefully consider the concept of the Universal Mind.
The Knowing Field.
I choose these terms. Intuitively feel into their meaning.
Each individual may prefer another self-chosen word to represent this physics (of consciousness) concept.
Physics of Consciousness:  A field ripe and ready for a formal birthing process within world-class Education Institutions.
We all would benefit from a solutions-oriented re-establishment of the World Order.
I intend this in the biggest way.
Fundamentally, our world functions with an unsustainable system of systems.
I dream of a day when optimal collaborative groups of individuals gather to focus on developing a new system that will transcend any and all problems faced in the world today.
These meetings might benefit from every participant to declare to the group:
Hi. My name is _________ AND
I choose to focus on ultimate solutions within our current unsustainable system of systems.
My tongue in cheek reference to the practice within Alcoholics Anonymous (AA): My name is ________ and I am a alcoholic.
The AA fellowship inspires me.
A large, inclusive fellowship of human beings would be amazing.
My suggested proclamation can only be used for as long as it is relevant.
Presumably, when optimal focus on solutions is applied in a wide, non-hierarchical, multidisciplinary way, there will come a day when it will no longer be an authentic statement.
Each individual need be mindful of adapting this statement to reflect the highest relative truth for them in the moment.

It is time to focus attention on the Level of Consciousness of our leaders: political, business and otherwise. Personal development is required to hold the consciousness capable of making decisions for the greatest good for all. I will not elaborate but give this some consideration.

Step 4.
Be aware of the powerful impact of the subconscious mind:
Energy trapped within your cells unrelated to verbal abilities.
Each human being begins life as a sensitive soul.
The environment we are born into could be viewed as traumatic in many and subtle ways.
In our pre-verbal years, we are vulnerable to the disharmony that could be called normal despite it being sub-optimal.
A basic need is to be loved and nurtured.
Accepted for who we are.
Even the most loving homes, I propose, have been incapable of avoiding trauma exposure in our modern day world.
A harsh word.
Distracted parents.
This is enough to have an impact.
Disharmony breeds disharmony.
I will not elaborate.

How to harmonize the subconscious disharmony we have been entranced to?
A worthwhile question.
I often wonder if, in our attempts to conceptualize this, we stray further from our natural state of harmony.
Like a dog perpetually chasing his tail, our minds forever gnaw on the desire to clear subconscious trauma without making any headway.
I do not have the answer however I believe there is power in holding the question in a high level of importance.
Intending for access to our natural harmonious state.
My current sense is that the solutions will not satisfy the linear, analytic thinking style so alive in our world today.

Signposts to access solutions to this issue … of needing to approach subconscious opposition to our true nature:
1. Soundhealing – Quartz Crystal singing bowls.
2. QHHT – Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique
3. Family Constellation Therapy.

I appreciate this short list of modalities in my personal experience may seem randomly inserted.
From one perspective, they are.
It is my hope that by listing them without explanation can serve to demonstrate how solutions are under no obligation to fit neatly into linear, logical styles of communication.
Left-brained thinking.
I believe optimal solutions come via whole-brain thinking.

It feels very clear to me that we do not know so much about our true nature functioning.
We work within a limited and substandard framework.
Our systems do not allow for us to dismantle the framework that would result, phenomenologically, in a framework to match our true nature and capabilities to rise up.

Our natural capabilities to communicate with our environment and each other, without technology, awaits our collective discovery.
A subset of people are presently aware.
It is anyone’s guess what percentage of us is required to create the new sustainable system of systems for the betterment of all.

Step 5.
Do what comes naturally.
Take inspired action.

Inspired action defined as feeling excitement (many people link this excitement to fear, not optimal).
The analytical mind reacts automatically for many of us.
To dissuade us from following our own inspiration.
Others may very naturally talk us out of our inspiration.
A knee-jerk reaction.
Some habits are a challenge to change.
I encourage a more live and let live attitude as we all experiment within our own evolution.
Whether we fly or fail is less relevant than the experience and story that results from exploring inspiration.
Increasing flexibility within our perspectives – multiple always accessible -will lead to a much more evolving human story.
Our current collective irritability and discontent is calling on us to write new storylines.
First individually.
Then, we will be well-served to coalesce into dynamic groups.

Step 5 works best when you have taken an earnest & sincere inventory of yourself, including your history.
There are infinite approaches one can choose from.
The seed that inspired this article was reading the Blue Book of Alcoholics Anonymous with the 12 Steps.
An interesting concept to ponder: every human being consider diving into the transformational potential of AA’S Steps 4 & 5. Whether or not addiction has played a role in life.
Step 5: Admitting to a higher power, ourselves and another human the exact nature of our wrongs.
Requires first, Step 4: Make a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.

Food for thought.

We All Shall Be Reunited (my addition – with ourselves, our natural selves) by Patty Griffin from her album Downtown Church.
(Click title to view).

“Enable the self-healer within.”

Angèle Beaudoin, Beauvera Health, Address, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Postcode.


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