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September 14, 2020

“Delusional Global Paranoid Disorder sustained by political reasons”.
Dr. Mike, Practicing Psychiatrist (Click on Title to view the 11 minute video)

I had whole body goosebumps when I first heard this statement in the video. My next thought, based on my experience as a retired Family Doctor and a Bipolar-labeled person, “Paranoid delusional disorders are an epic challenge to treat (or connect with the paranoid-labeled individual).” This is valid if we are working on the assumption that allopathic medicine offers optimal guidance.
[I no longer believe in Science as it plays out in our world today as it is a component of the unsustainable system of systems].
I recall in Don Miguel Ruiz’s book, The Four Agreements, how he shared that if everyone suffers from the same skin condition, and one becomes cured (returned to their natural state) the healed one will be perceived as abnormal or diseased. I very much appreciated this perspective. The truth pill, in this case, is particularly challenging for an affected person to choose to swallow it. To my perspective, here we are right now. Hence, the spirit of the Facebook page, Manic Ministrations.
Manic= enthusiastic
Ministrations= tender, loving care
It requires great mastery to care for someone as they attack and belittle you. As a kitten would respond to meeting a dog for the first time. A gentle dog wishing for connection will be naturally attacked by the cute, yet fierce, little kitten. I witnessed this recently in my life.

I created this 18 minute video My Perspective … Unmasked to share my perspective, as geeeently as I am able.
(Click Title to view).
I am well aware of the pitfalls.
I encourage everyone to resist the kneejerk reaction to shoot the messenger.
That is sooo last millenium.

I want to better describe my point in the above linked video about the Hippocratic Oath: Primum non nocere. A better translation to “First do no harm”. It means that to ever choose anything outside of natural process, it is imperative to know, really KNOW, that before choosing a therapeutic action, one is wise to ensure that it truly leads to an improved result. That is a very high standard! I would boldly say that in order to do that one MUST be aware of the Natural History of a condition. Which truly requires one to understand “what is a human being”. One does not know what one does not know. So the illusion of knowledge tends to stop inquiry. I feel this happened in our unsustainable system of systems. I will include a little story I self-published years ago to describe what the Natural History (a medical term) really means. In a nutshell it is observing what happens when we do nothing. The human body has amazing self-healing mechanisms naturally in place. It requires patience to take the time (could be years) to see. Only then can we assess any therapeutic actions. I sincerely believe, also, that the truth is much more relative than we have been trained to recognize. To assume we now work in an optimal paradigm: I question that assumption.
Wisdom Teeth: What Have They Got to Teach Us?

I have a long-standing personal theory that our current unsustainable system of systems was enabled to evolve to its current state due to translation challenges. A translator can only translate to their level of consciousness. I feel that hundreds of years ago this set us into a suboptimal negative feedback loop. High vibrational messages were translated and the deeper meaning to messages was significantly lost. I point to this in one of the earliest self-published articles I wrote: Lost In Translation. (Click title to view)

I have long believed that this was by accident. Simple ignorance (lack of full understanding about what a human being truly is and how reality is created). This year, I am deeply curious and entertaining the idea that there may exist a smaaall percentage of individuals, in positions of power, who are consciously aware of a deeper understanding about the full potential of a human being and how reality is created … and choose to keep the full understanding to themselves in order for personal gain and dominance to entrain the world population to maintain the creation to match their self-serving desires. Willingness to explore this theory in a sincere way may allow for the highest relevant truth to be known widely. This is the type of curiosity I hope to inspire. Remember that famous scene from A Bug’s Life? (Click title to view the 1 minute clip). If the ants were to recognize their own power, in numbers, then the grasshoppers (those holding control and authority) would no longer be able to maintain the status quo.

The truth is hidden in plain sight. There are natural rules to follow and that hypothetical minority knows this. Each individual has creative power. Voluntary choice is always there. Like the tailors in the old children’s story, The Emperor’s New Clothes, this elite minority sells you on their idea leading you to voluntarily choose to go along with it. You collude with them, not fully recognizing what has happened to you. They know your character … and they exploit your weakness. In the world’s case it is fear of dying. Food for thought.
Here is a 4 minute version of the story: The Emperor’s New Clothes.

I am curious if I have succeeded in clarifying Dr. Mike’s statement: “We are facing a global paranoid delusional disorder”. As in the story, we can choose to laugh at ourselves and talk about it for many years to come.
My gentle offer.
Embrace our collective vulnerability is our greatest power now. Dr. Mike’s video was the seed to my collecting my own work in my eclectic way. It is called collaboration. Open data. Authenticity. Transparency. We have billions of individuals on this earth with each their individual gifts and genius. When we collectively work at a problem from its most fundamental understanding, brainstorming and implementing solutions will be …So. Much. Fun!!!
Mark my words.
This is the good news that I received all at once in October 2012. It blew my mind and then a lot of energies that were not a match to my new understanding were cleared out. A chaotic, SELF-LIMITED state. There are some who are concerned that when the masses come to this understanding they may experience a manic (psychotic) episode. The experiment is now. I believe that we can avoid this psychotic bloom … If we can masterfully deliver the manic ministrations. So much love is available to each and every one. Bless, bless.
To a smooth birthing of a new, upgraded optimal mindset. There are a loooot of midwives available now. Who have gone through their birthing process (mostly) already.

Runaway by Kanye West. Click Title to view.

I cried deep soul tears as I listened to the Kanye West production, by chance, after collecting the bulk of this article as comments to the Manic Ministration Facebook post of the Dr. Mike video.
Lyrics from the chorus:
I think it is time for us to have a toast:
Let’s have a toast for the douchebags
Let’s have a toast for the scumbugs.
Every one of them that I know …

Everyone …
We can figure this out.
I know that we can.
And it will be easy.
Yet … it will take great courage.

I want to add, after much reflection, that I prefer to state that there is a global entrainment and hypnosis rather than terming it a global paranoid delusional disorder. Our Education System is a part of the unsustainable system of systems. To be labeled with a DSM diagnosis is not at all helpful towards solutions. Yet there is a playful part of me that is a tiny bit delighted to allow people an experience of the extremely unhelpful labeling within the allopathic medicine framework. I wonder if it might lead to greater understanding of why dismantling this suboptimal system is for the greater good?
We can establish a new system of systems:
to enable and empower optimal human health.

Experience is the optimal teacher, I always say. Haha
There is a more optimal framework.
I guarantee it!

For those who are fluent in Star Wars theory, I predict that an Order 66 type of event is coming soon.
It feels quite entangled. Who is pulling the strings?
Or is it simply a natural event?
Disclosure of the most relevant information: my dream for the world.
So that we make make informed decisions.
I cannot give informed consent unless I feel I am optimally informed. Requires trust.
Are we living in a world of manufactured consent?
It feels like it to me.

September 22, 2020
Willful Blindness. I read a book by this title about 10 years ago. It was in my confusion while undergoing the conscious uncoupling process. Click on title to see an overview of another book titled Willful Blindness. I long ago gave away the book I read. I cannot seem to find its presence online.

I recently attended an online Science of Consciousness Conference hosted by the University of Arizona. To more optimally understand consciousness would benefit us all very much.
I was fascinated learning about a couple of the more prominent theories available in the Scientific Community. The Illusion Theory and Panpsychism were the top contenders. The Illusion Theory uses the analogy of our computer homescreen, with the icons representing files of data. Naturally our minds do more pruning than expanding in attempts to cope with the high amounts of data and perceptions available. Much perceptual processing and pruning occurs subconsciously. Highly relevant to my discernment.
Another interesting tidbit: therapeutic use of psychedelics received a fair amount of airtime with much enthusiasm.
The most resonant and aligned talk, for me, was by Deepak Chopra. If I could gain access and permission, I would love to share that publicly. I will keep you posted.
He gently and eloquently shared a narrative that we do not actually need Science to live harmoniously, with both health and prosperity for all, when we understand and appreciate the true nature of a human being.
Quite a powerful idea.
To question the many assumptions in the world, including viral theory, is monumental and the very foundation of Science. Epic misunderstandings are challenging to uncover and show up with regularity in the medical history books.
The entanglements are complex and prevalent.
The natural tendency to self-align only with current perception content leads one to never find one’s way to alternate narratives. And then there is the common condition of being “short on time”. Alternate narratives require some context. It may not fit into 15 minute timeslots.
Reminds me of a book I read while I was a Family Physician, The Fifteen Minute Hour. It helped me a lot. I found the volume of people attending my office with psychological complaints a challenge to address. Click Title to view a summary of this book from the Official Publication of the College of Family Physicians of Canada.
I include an excerpt from this publication:
The authors of this book encourage family physicians to BATHE their patients as well. The BATHE technique is an excellent screening method for anxiety, stress, and depression. It enables the physician to identify and deal with these issues in 1 to 2 minutes during the patient interview. Both patients and physicians are reported to have enhanced satisfaction as a result.
I rewrote the next paragraph from own memory: Clearly available after 23 years since I was in full-time practice.
The original concept of BATHE, which comprises the questions physicians should ask their patients, stands for the following:
Bothering (What is bothering you?);
Affect (How does that affect you?);
Trouble (What troubles you the most about that?);
Handling (How are you handling it?); and
Empathy (Offer an empathetic response).

As a Physician who has geeked out on many topics over decades with the Personal Mission Statement to enable and empower optimal human health, I warmly suggest that we all get into the metaphorical bathtub and BATHE each other.

Dr. Zach Bush shares an 11 minute message that echoes my own experience as a Physician. Click his name to view. He had the experience of bringing 3 different individuals back from death during one ICU 36 hour shift.
I firmly believe that Experience is the best teacher.
It is overdue to take the time and share our meaningful experiences with each other.
Logic and Science left unchecked appear to have us painting ourselves into a corner.

One perspective I carry: collectively we are pretty good at creating nightmares and monsters. We could just as easily use our collective creative power to create a system of systems that work for everyone.
Willingness is a key missing ingredient.
That can change in the blink of an eye.
Are you willing?
Where there is a will, there is always a way.

“Enable the self-healer within.”

Angèle Beaudoin, Beauvera Health, Address, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Postcode.


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