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I Am A Homemaker

Dragonfly vision: the ability to see many perspectives simultaneously.
A natural human ability that got lost to the common man somewhere in the course of history.
I am inspired to bring it back in vogue.
Passionate would be an understatement.
Essential in the making of an effective homemaker.
Sometimes, my enthusiasm can be overwhelming to others.
I am aware.
Yet, I am committed to being myself.
Not requiring permission.
At the same time, respecting where others are.
I have taken on the responsibility to meet people where they are.
No matter where they are.
Always on the lookout for an opportunity to give an empowering lift up.
Step by step.
No matter how high or low.
No crime is too serious for me to see the human spirit within the monster.
It is always there.
I guarantee it.
I believe that any monster you perceive in the world has been created, in part, by you.
Bold statement.
The ability to see the jewel in everyone…
Has gotten lost in the larger community.
Yet there are many who share this gift with me.
A repeated phrase within my parenting duties comes to mind in the larger playing field of life,

If you cannot help me, at least do not hinder me.

I playfully inform my kids of this in a multitude of situations.
Yet it comes in handy in all other areas of life also.
Ultimately, each individual serves best when they take full responsibility for themselves.
Allow the other to do the same.
It is not uncommon with interactions to have varying degrees of lack of willingness
to take responsibility for self.
We are all human after all.
(Click on title see a beautiful video of Rag ‘n’Bones performing his song, Human)

Saying no to tasks that breed resentment.
Celebrating the requested tasks that light us up.
Grieving the times we recognize when a task has faded in its alignment to our joy.
Joy is an excellent guiding system.
Maybe we cannot always be in a state of joy.
Maybe we can.
My sense: is not all or nothing.
But in a healthy life, joy should be leading the game.
Joy to drudgery ratio.
Relevant to notice.
Raising this ratio is ALWAYS a good idea.
In our current world, we benefit from good role models.
Tapping into our creativity is a skill.
A skill that many do not have … yet.
I feel that I have figured enough things out that I can be of assistance.
As a listener and collaborator.
I have added mediator to this list.
Among other modalities.
I am a cross between the optimal homemaker and MacGyver.

Don Miguel Ruiz


Each on their own rewarded.
Together, one is the master.
The master puts the fire out … before the fire even starts.
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
I grieve the idea that the world needs many pounds of cure at the moment.
That will change.
As more and more master the game of life.

There is Great Power in the Neutral Zone.

At first I recommend thinking small.
Keeping the grander vision in your mind’s eye.
Start with one’s self.
Next … relationship with friends and family.
Vocational connections follow.
Widen your circle of influence appropriately as you bring mastery from micro to macro.
The challenge at hand will not stop me from playing my role as perfectly as I am able.
Maybe optimally is the better word.
Perfect is kind of loaded.
One man’s perfect is another man’s broken.
(By man, I mean human, not gender.)
To each his own.

Live and let live:
…Optimally, with full freedom, health and abundance.
Unless you choose otherwise.

Giving the respect you prefer to receive in the world … is mandatory.
If you value peace and harmony, that is. 
I certainly do.
Going to someone else’s home and rearranging the furniture self-evidently appears disrespectful.
Yet, metaphorically, I see many using their power in this way.
Power Over steps on the sovereignty of the other.
Personal Empowerment combined with respect for the other’s sovereignty is how the world will experience Peace.
Micro to macro.

Bringing awareness to how we subconsciously choose allows more and more of us to choose consciously.
I celebrate every time I see people stepping into their mastery.
One baby step at a time.
Returning to our natural, sovereign human state.
In that state, we are home.
I am a homemaker.

I describe my role these days as being my Authentic Self.
Yet homemaker works just as well.

People … this could be Paradise.
(Click Paradise to hear Coldplay sing it like it is.)

No Human Left Behind.

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