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Consciousness 101 – Fundamental to Life

“Our thoughts can change the world”

The theme of this 34 minute video: What is the Reality Revolution? The Mindblowing movement to hack Reality. (Click title to view)
A few quotes from the video:
Our greatest threat comes from fear and a lack of understanding of our exponentially rising power.
Our interpretative framework governs our perception of reality.
If you’re a cynic, then life becomes banal and cynical. Everyday becomes a drag. … Open yourself up to a more optimistic view of the world.
Find authorship over your subjectivity.

The video mentions Masaru Emoto’s Research.
Click title to view a 6 minute demonstration of how human vibrational energy, thoughts, words, ideas and music affect the molecular structure of water. The crystal formations of water droplets from a variety of conditions were photographed at the freezing point.

Consciousness is the fundamental driver of Reality.
If this statement feels controversial to you, I urge you to keep an open mind.
What are you thinking about? What type of world has your thoughts created for you? The understanding of consciousness offers an avenue to collaborate solutions to any and all the perceived challenges/problems in the world. Let me explain with my intention to be breviloquent. Defined as expressing with a concise style.


The initial questions that lead me to discover the importance of consciousness came about 15 years ago (from Deepak Chopra – back in my ‘Oprah/Chopra era’). Who am I? (Truly). What do I want? (Beware the human nature to bury our desires deep within our subconscious mind.) Great questions for anyone. Beware the mask that our cultural conditioning helped us to create.

When you ask the optimal question, you allow optimal answers to come your way. Optimal is in the mind of the beholder. Optimal group collaboration is highly recommended. It is a personal individual journey that each individual is free to explore.

Do you feel free? I remember a time when I believed I was free and well. Experience led me to discover it was a spoon fed illusion. Take notice of any cognitive dissonance when considering if this is your current state.

How to identify the illusion within the numerous delusions we all hold to greater and lesser degree? An essential and relevant question in this era of Covid-19 pandemic/pantomime/planned-demic. (3 different terms in usage out in the great wide world).

I upgraded my fundamental questions.
What is a human being comprised of- in totality?
The knowledge of the non-visible components are not integrated into our world’s systems … yet.
The electromagnetic fields that our body creates and connects us to our world fields.
(Hence – the non-supportive conditions of today.)
After a decade of sincere exploration, I recognize the importance of understanding our own consciousness and what is possible for a human being in our “true natural” state.
The Physics of Consciousness is the fundamental missing Science in the formulation of our world systems.

The other big question:
What is Reality?
And how pliable is it?
(Much more than traditional world systems would allow you to access understanding of.)
A simplistic metaphor I offer:
Our world systems are built on the concept that we are like “cameras”, taking still shots of an ‘existing reality’.
[The understanding of consciousness that exists in pockets of understanding stems from earliest quantum physics principles published as far back as the 1940’s.]
In actuality, a better metaphor for our consciousness is that we are more like film projectors. Our inner beliefs are viewed out in our external reality from the films that we create with our thoughts and beliefs.

In the era of social distancing, I feel a need to add my contribution to the narrative of April 2020.
I was called a conspiracy theorist recently for the first time by my parenting partner. I instantly laughed. Yet, I recognized it was not stated as a compliment. Many little phrases have injected themselves into the collective vernacular, the above being a notable one.

I feel very concerned about our the current mode of transmitting information to the public. The Mainstream Media is a tool with non-transparent controllers. Conscious Journalism appears to have minimal attention. With so many perspectives available, why use such a narrow focus? One answer to that question is that the controllers of the narrative exercise an amplification of their creative power.
The truth is relative. I question the motives of the curators of what is deemed relevant for the common man. How aware can anyone be with the system of the narrative being controlled in this profit-driven societal setup?
I firmly believe the curators/controllers of the narrative are well aware of how to transmit focused messages for the “film projectors” to continue to recreate the reality of their preference.

I have to be honest with myself. I have been waiting for years for other brave souls to come forward, share the relevant truth and question the foundation of our (semi) collectively agreed upon foundations for our systems.

I have been waiting for courageous others to rescue me from a reality that I do not prefer. Not an optimal choice as I see it now.

A longtime favorite movie clip from A Bug’s Life looks like an analogy for our world. Those in official positions of power are greatly outnumbered by those they deem to represent.
Hopper: You let one ant stand up to us, then they all might stand up! Those puny little ants outnumber us a hundred to one and if they ever figure that out there goes our way of life! It’s not about food, it’s about keeping those ants in line.

Jason Estes: Breaking the cycle. A 1 hour discussion

The Fundamental Difference between Stories and Reality from a movie exploration You Tube Channel.

None of us live in a vacuum.
It is each’s responsibility to curate our experience to create the world we desire to experience.
If you have yet to discover yourself in your desired experience, it is up to the individual to become curious and question the assumptions you have evidently made that are not a match to your True Nature.
It is both simple and complex at once.
To develop an insatiable relevant exploration into who you truly are and what you desire is the Hero’s Journey.
Exchange fear for excitement and tap into your own courage.
The more that choose this, the quicker we can create an harmonious world.
Willingness, truly, is the only requirement.

My explorations of consciousness have clarified a burning need within the world at large:
How do we determine the integrity and conscious awareness of the people in leadership (often with associated authority) who determine the parameters of our freedom and health/wellness?
This is nonexistent at present.
Does this concern anyone else?
I do not mean the ongoing “hot potato” game of switching leadership front men & women based on the current game we call democracy. 
The clever use of reality mapping used in this and former eras:
Injecting tag words and creating a reality that very loosely approximates the construct.
Operation Mockingbird.

The truth is hiding in plain sight.
Usually weaved masterfully with untruths.
Keeps everybody’s natural compass spinning. Confusion and lack of confidence is widespread in our Information Age.
This is a minuscule example about how cultural programming works.
He who controls the narrative, controls reality. Have you ever wondered who controls the narrative?

A whole new system is urgently required to simply address how we handle the narrative. The truth is shockingly relative to the mindset of the beholder.
Is our consent to the current narrative styles and streams truly informed?
Or manufactured?
A Chinese proverb warns:
If we do not change direction,  we are likely to end up exactly where we are headed.

It truly is a fabulous time to raise the stage and change the conversation.
Our collective thoughts are fearfully focused and that is how we create our “monsters” and “nightmares”.
Our collective habits recreate, in a vicious loop, our current state. Over and over.
Until we master the understanding about how we can create an upgraded, harmonious world.
Micro to macro.
We are so collectively embedded in habits that it will take clear focus to shift towards creating to match our true desires.
Without conscious (and consciousness) awareness, we will recreate our divided world.
The collective narrative continues to amplify fear in our amygdalas, a portion of our brain that strengthens our insecurities.
Unresolved trauma runs rampant in most people. It is an easy task to engage the fear mechanism with curated narratives designed to maintain the status quo.

Control and authority held in the hands of a minute minority of the population … acting through unresolved trauma.
This is how we got on this repeating cycle of fear and scarcity mindset creating nightmares and people to fear.
It would be equally easy to create a reality that allows everyone to live in harmony and respect for each other’s sovereignty.
Natural order. 
Live and let live.
It is not natural order to infringe the basic human rights of others.
I see it clearly. In my heart and higher mind.
Finding ways to share relative truth with a focus on solutions. The task at hand.

It is my deepest desire to play a role in developing a new system in recreating the systems of the world based in wellness and freedom for all. This will require optimal collaboration by dynamic groups of individuals who have developed a threshold of awareness about themselves and integrated a threshold of their own authenticity and abilities from the wounding and cultural programming we all have been subjected to.

Imagine. Click to hear Jack Johnson cover John Lennon’s Imagine.

“Enable the self-healer within.”

Angèle Beaudoin, Beauvera Health, Address, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Postcode.


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