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Optimal Health = I cannot say with authority. I continue to explore what this might look like.
Rx = Prescription in Medical Doctor (my roots, graduated in 1990, licensed Family Doctor 1992) shorthand
DIY – Do it Yourself.

I have come to believe strongly in empowering the individual to direct their own care with attention to the intuitive nudges that many have been trained to ignore.
The best director for your health is yourself.
I started sharing an eclectic bunch of posts on Facebook. See link on this page near the title.

Will start transferring the best of’s and add more goodness  with time.

Be the Scientist in your own health. Experiment when you are inspired to.
Get curious. Question assumptions.
The truth is more relative than most of us were taught to believe. IMO (In my opinion).

“Enable the self-healer within.”

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