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Manic = Enthusiastic
Ministrations= Tender Loving Care
I am passionate about aligning the helping systems with actual needs of people in psychological challenges and crises. I was labeled as Bipolar Disorder in 2012 and have a Medical Degree, practiced as a Family Physician but retired early. Long before my label, I felt Medical Science was like spitting into the wind. I perceived a futility in the medical approach when supporting psychological distress.
I dream of a paradigm shift in Psychiatry. That would naturally flow benefits to everyone.
A more holistic approach addressing the basic human needs that go unmet would reap great rewards.
I coined a little phrase, When the healers are wounded, it is every man/woman for him/herself.
I say it with a light heart, yet am very serious.
I want to encourage a more Do It Yourself (DIY) approach.
Empower people to make the choices that suit them best.
Likely this starts with the optimal facilitator to initiate the process.
Many systemic roadblocks to accessing the optimal facilitator.
It is time to:
Change the Conversation.
Raise the Stage.
Empower people … to look after themselves.
Caregivers are overwhelmed.
Good intentions do not correlate with optimal health.
Time to question assumptions and get curious.

I call this my 5th or Throat Chakra Page.
To my sensibility, mental health issues stem from our fear of communicating authentically.

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“Enable the self-healer within.”

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