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September 16, 2021

I enjoyed Sharron Martin of Inner Sanctum’s 30 minute video. Click title to view.
She is a friend, a collaborator and a beautiful soul from New Zealand.
I picked out a few quotes.

“Are we really in a pandemic?
[I add: not denying that people are having health problems.
People are sick.
With what?
There are multiple factors in baseline health that a viral illness is more of an effect that a cause than is commonly communicated.
There are so many factors in our current health as a population.
If we focus on an effect and not the fundamental causes holistically, we miss great opportunity to create changes to support human health.]
We are in a time of great change and revelation.
We must stand in our power.
Be empowered to see the truth, to demand the truth.
To be in truth … on all levels.
As we discern this in our own lives and our world, we will make new decisions.
We will begin to form our new earth and our new way of being.
What is the real reason for this fight, this division?”
“Are you being led somewhere you want to go?
This is a test for humanity.
An opportunity for awakening [to a more expanded consciousness].
The collective is beginning to awaken.
This is why there are extra pressures being put on.”

“We are beginning to undo 2000 years of programming”.

Sharron shares a cute analogy at the end: The truth will start popping out of holes all around, like the way meerkats pop out of holes and peek out randomly from multiple holes.
Keep an eye, ear, heart out for that.

It is all vibration & frequency.
For some of us who apply wide focus on our own frequency, it feels very clear.
The frequency of media attempts to distract and prevent wider, more holistic perspectives.
Be aware.
It is truly a great time to dream a new dream for our world.

Mary Poppins Returns. I happened to be in the middle of this beautiful movie when the Emergency Alert hit my phone last night to inform of the new Public Health Emergency status for Alberta.

Time to bring more magic into the world.
I define magic as truth not yet optimally perceived.
Same translation for crazy and miracle.

Everything is possible. Even the impossible.
Repeated quote from the new Mary Poppins movie.
Consider a little Movie Medicine, a prescription:
Watch Mary Poppins Returns.

I had collected many Movie Medicine prescriptions on a Facebook Page for years.
Months ago it was deleted, censored fully with no warning or explanation.
I could not recall what might have prompted that.
So weird.
The last post was about the movie, Captain Fantastic, with Viggo Martenson.
Click the title to view the 2 minute preview.
I recommend this one also.
It depicts a part of our current divide: Living naturally versus corporatocracy.
I wish to be a part of the Naturalization movement.
As in, we all act naturally.
Requires connection to our own essence and heart.
Fear does get in the way of this.
A truly caring leadership structure would make efforts to assuage fear, rather than fan the flames of fear.
And then pour a little gasoline on there.
Trigger warning:
That is what this latest stunt feels like to me: declaring Alberta in a Public Health State of Emergency. A manufactured emergency.
Worthy of discussion, yet we will have to await the emotions to flow out a bit.
Everyone at the table will need to be capable of respectful participation.
It takes as long as it takes.
I know what true discussion looks and feels like.
Nowhere in sight at the moment.
Proper respectful discussion of the issues with multiple, various perspectives represented.
Can you imagine?
Censorship is creating an illusion that we have no choice.
Alternative approaches to protein particle challenges do exist.
It would take a while.

To be clear: I do not think my style of naturalization is depicted in Captain Fantastic.
There are many shades of natural.
When we have systems that support optimal human health, we will all likely choose less extremes.
It is useful to increase the contrast to enable empowering, solutions-oriented choices.
An analogy for what is happening now in the world.
Contrast increases which can inspire y’all to consider what you truly desire to create.
Make conscious, solutions-oriented choices.
If corruption etc. has been embedded without our system of systems our entire lives, it feels normal in a way. I feel that is part of the challenge.
When the barn is on fire, the horses will be inclined to return to the barn as that is where they associate comfort. Not logical to a survival way of thinking.

Do you value freedom?
That is an important, relevant question.
Do you trust your information systems enough to allow yourself to be divided (and conquered)?
I, respectfully, do not.
Control & authority versus optimal human health.
The game we are all playing right now.
When we are more balanced (basic human needs met), we naturally become more responsible.
Much healing may be required in the psyche.
Supporting the healing paths for everyone would be a great use of focus and resources.

Music is the Doctor: It’s good to get a different point of view.
A line in the song Turning Turtle from Mary Poppins Returns.
Another line:
When you change the view from where you stood,
the things you view will change for good.
Consider the double meaning here:
For good. As in a state of being.
For good. As in the sense of time. Finally.
To bring awareness of the subconscious mind to the conscious mind … changes everything.

3 key categories of our consciousness challenging our natural, optimal function:
Unacknowledged Fear
Repressed Emotions
Unresolved Trauma
Human consciousness is the basis of Health … and Reality.
This needs to be a part of the conversation in the world now.

All these prescriptions are encouraging whole brain thinking.
Give your Corpus Callosum a bit of love.
Left linear, logical thinking is only part of the equation.
What I mean when I say, Take your eye off the microscope.

I elaborate a bit about Whole-Brain thinking in this article, Falling Off The Edge.
Click title to view.

This article resulted in a playlist called Whole Heart – Beautiful Truth playlist Spotify Version.
Whole Heart – Beautiful Truth playlist You Tube Version. A part of the list. Under construction.
Hardest Heart by Blank & Jones did not exist on You Tube initially.
I attempted to create my own You Tube version. Blocked by Copyright.
I am a fan of Open Data collaboration, yet the economic system has distorted our natural tendencies.
Anticipating change.
In time.
I considered reaching out to Blank & Jones. It is a really powerful song in these times.
Ask and you shall receive. 3 months ago, a much more beautiful version was published on You Tube.


I have had good feedback on the Whole Heart playlist.
Prescription: listen daily for 30 days.
If you feel to.
Easiest on Spotify. Free use of the app is available.
It takes time to influence the subconscious mind.
Repetition is required.
Consider the repetitive messages you are choosing to listen to. The powers that were, as I prefer to call them, know this very well also.
Who do you think gave them the power?
Hint: We all did … until we choose otherwise.

I deeply and sincerely believe we can make much better use of our Resources.

Two articles from my Sovereign Fun category:
(Click a title to view)
Sovereign Dreams
Sovereign Fun is focused on How to make dreams come true.
There is a formula.

From a Facebook Post by James K Newman in a group called Alignment Life:

It is in the adherence to illusion that conditions like trauma and grief, shame and guilt, anger and resentment, depression or anxiety are manifested.

All that ever need be done to change these chosen responses is to see the reality of what has taken place.
Or is still taking place.
It is the adherence to mind-based illusion that can keep one imprisoned.
Sometimes for a lifetime.
Chose to see the gift, the teacher, the lesson in every occurrence.
And in this, one by one, we will rise together.
Rise to the reality of who we are!

This writing reminds me of the Course in Miracles books.
I read them in 2011.
The intention for the book is to remind you to remember who you actually are.
Repetition of various statements address the remembering.
Subconscious mind hides many beliefs and understandings that may not be optimal.
I am tentative to recommend it. It is a fairly weird read.
I feel there are infinite ways to align to your true state.
Willingness to consider that you may not be in your true state yet is an essential first step.
Baby steps.
Follow the Breadcrumb Trail of your inspiration.
Bentinho Massaro speaks of this in the 4 minute video, How Do I Discover My Joy.
Click title to view.

Guidance Center versus Control Center.
What are you doing to yourself?
What are you creating?
What do you truly want to create?

Beware the mental prison controlled by the inner harsh parent.
It is a thing commonly occurring within the consciousness of some selves.
What if your thoughts create your reality?
I deeply believe they do.
Feel free to experiment with this concept yourself.
Are you ready yet to explore the Anatomy of a Miracle?
You may even choose the Course in Miracles as I did.
In an Nutshell: A miracle is simply a change in perspective.
Willingness is an essential ingredient.

Natural Laws of Physics exist whether we are aware of them or not.
One of my dreams is for a collective recognition of how much we DO NOT know.
To recognize and understand the Physics of Consciousness more, we likely will find a whole new way to make decisions and use resources.

“Enable the self-healer within.”

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