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Psychiatry System Upgrade

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Through lived experience as a Psychiatric Survivor, my training as a Family Physician inspired me to question assumptions and get curious. Seeing the System from both sides of the insanity line … was very enlightening.
Asked many questions.
Received many answers.
The system is ripe and ready to optimize in my opinion.
Peer-Assisted Open Dialogue. Click the link to a Reporter-Style story I self-published on my first website.
I see beautiful solutions everywhere. Yet the System has not been willing to consider that it would benefit with an upgrade. In time, I know that we will do better. I plan to do my part.
I enjoy sharing my findings in this Open Data Format.
Feel free to peruse the Manic Ministrations Facebook Page where I have shared content relevant to this topic since 2014.

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“Enable the self-healer within.”

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