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Elf Christmas Movie

I love comedy! Many different varieties, including silly.
Saw Elf this year again.
I have decided that it is one that I wish to watch each year.
I see the theme as a giant metaphor for life.
Take “belief in Santa” and exchange it for “belief in authentic human beings – free, vital, having fun, etc.”.
Just as the meter was low at times in the movie, when the physical evidence was reported, the belief went up.
The catch 22 is that without the belief, the chances are less to see the physical evidence.
Yes, my mind really works this way.

To make my point (with tongue firmly in cheek), here are a few You Tube clip links:

You sit on a throne of lies.

Buddy realizes he’s human.

When one displays authenticity, misunderstandings abound.
Which can trigger others. As is depicted in The Angry Elf.

Dating has its challenges. Child-like amazement with the world. We are all like snowflakes, no two are alike.
Buddy breaks all the rules and is simply authentic which includes playful.
Buddy & Jovie’s Date.

Buddy goes to the Doctor. He was highly misunderstood. I can relate.
The Doctor failed to consider the context of how Buddy became the way he was.
Who raised him and with what values? What was his aim in life? Pretty relevant.
When we do not understand the context of another person, misunderstandings will result.

Humans respond well to stories. Comedy is funniest when it points at truth. It can be subtle.
Many people appear to not be able to handle the truth. So we have to get silly sometimes to gently lead people towards the optimal truth. For everyone.
I can imagine that this Movie Medicine prescription that I offer may be difficult to accept.
We each have our free will to choose how relevant any version of the truth is.
I so enjoy seeing how the entertainment industry creatively eases us towards optimal truth, in amazingly creative ways.
Comedians. We truly cannot live optimally without them, in my opinion.

Exchange Christmas Spirit for Human Spirit and see if it gives you any ideas.
My prescription this Christmas. See the movie Elf.
The last silly clip from the movie Elf: the best part of Elf.

“Enable the self-healer within.”

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