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Everything Exists. Nothing is Judged.

A broad definition offered by Facilitator, Pernilla Helmersson:
Everything Exists and Nothing is Judged.
Via Access Consciousness, an organization. Link to an interview later in the article, Wisdom Consciousness.
To arrive where this definition points …
I call personal optimization.

I hypothesize that you will have upgraded your operating system to Four-Point logic from the historical (currently common) Two-Point linear logic system. Choices of mindset.

Consciousness. To optimize our consciousness is to wake up to our film projector function.
It is … Epic.
You level up in the computer game of Life.
Your Avatar will be able to access so many more tools that will enable your life to run smoother.
Solutions to problems that may seem cemented in … will just come into your attention.
Be aware of where you place your Pure Intent.
Your focus.
There are an abundance of bad habits modeled in the world.
But if you value my opinion, I would warmly recommend that you adjust the bad habit of focusing on things that you do not prefer.
If you resist the temptation to change this habit,
you may find yourself stuck in a loop … indefinitely.
Could be fun.
Until it isn’t.

Everything Exists and Nothing is Judged quote was taken from a video where Pernilla Helmersson and James Blacker had a conversation about Wisdom Consciousness.
James Blacker adds in that Integral versus Absolute Consciousness is a Useful Perspective.
The Absolute holds firm to one view, not allowing other views in.
The Integral can hold its view and yet remain open to alternate views as well.

What I think we truly desire, deep down, is wisdom.
Not synonymous with knowledge.
Wisdom could be defined as: the application of intuition & knowledge.
And logic. The four-point kind.
An art and a science.
To do so optimally creates the master.
In life.
Each for ourselves.
If we choose to focus our attention on knowledge as right or wrong (using what I call the suboptimal two-point logic system – so alive in our world today),
it is not necessarily going to illuminate the situation.
We must see knowledge for what it is.

To differentiate wisdom and knowledge: the holy grail in our world.
Right now more than ever.

To be bold: truth is not knowledge.
Truth is something far greater than that.
Truth must feel true. To us.
Knowledge ideally works in harmony with the intuition.
Keep in mind … intuition needs space around it.
To function at its highest capability.
We must be in a calm state to optimally access it.
I call this coherence.
The business of ordinary life can strongly reduce one’s access.
If you resonate with the truth of this.
Organize your life accordingly.

Make space for optimal function.
Of your intuition.
A key component to the human being embodying his/her natural state.
How to look after yourself epically well?
An important question to answer for yourself.
I consider this with high importance in my life now.
Always experimenting.
Never a dull moment for me these days.
Yet, my top priority is self-care.
These are difficult times in many ways.
First things first.
Self first.
Not selfish but self-first: a fantastic strategy to access my fullest intuition.

Brings me back to a concept shared by Steven Covey in his famous book, The Seven Habits of a Highly Effective People:
He offers a system of categorizing activities in your life:

 1) Important and Urgent
2) Important and not-urgent
3) Not Important and Urgent
4) Not important and Not urgent

Category #2 can be a true differentiater.
People who are frazzled and busy, what I call incoherent, are too busy putting out the fires of the #3 category to find the time for #2’s.
(Yes, I am laughing as I write this).
Worse, is when someone else’s #3’s are taking all of your time and energy.
Watch out for that scenario!
I see it regularly enough.
Some choose activities that are best categorized as #4.
We are all free to choose our activities.
This category system helped me a lot in my life.
I can be viewed as impolite and not following the social code when I exercise my freedom to say no to requests.
I came to feel long ago that if I cannot maintain my coherence, I am of little use to anyone.
I feel this is true for all of us.
We fluctuate in our functioning.
Sometimes, it feels like we can take on a whole lot.
And we can.
But possibly not in a long-term sustainable fashion.
This can confuse us and those who benefit from our higher capacity periods.
With awareness and understanding,
coupled with optimal communication in a caring way – both when asking others to help and when answering requests for assistance – we hope to be optimally understood, and true to ourselves.
Life is dynamic.
It does not stay the same. Another pearl for me:

Embrace Uncertainty. Deepak Chopra
Oprah says, Exercise your choice muscle.

Another quote from Deepak Chopra:
Happiness creates its own chemistry
I upgrade this concept to:
Coherence creates its own upgraded energetic field.
More of a Physics concept.
Which benefits chemistry, biology, relationships, youth-enhancement, etc.
In my learned opinion Physics trumps Biology.
And Chemistry.

Mindset Over Matter.

A simplistic way I describe coherence:
What you think, what you feel, what you say, what is in your heart and what is in your soul all match up.
Withholding key information when it would be appropriate to be honest and transparent.
Manipulative actions attempting to control others.
Saying yes, when you mean no.
All ways that reduce your personal coherence.
Inauthentic choices.
Horribly bad for your health.

At the same time, it is optimal to be gentle with ourselves and others.
We are all experimenting to the best of our ability.
Ideal when we can communicate clearly when mismatches occur.
Coherence is promoted when we all recognize that there is only one person we are in control of:
one’s Self.
Mastering that control is the road to experiencing your fullest coherence.
So simple, right?
(I say with a chuckle).

I can’t change your mind (mindset).
But you can.
Every single one of you.
Fantastic news!
Beautiful Truth.
It is as beautiful as it is.
No judgment.

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“Enable the self-healer within.”

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