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Amadeus Movie – a Glimpse into Jealousy

It is not easy being green … with jealousy.
Not so uncommon out in the wide world.
My translation of jealousy, based in the Physics of Consciousness, is that one who is not experiencing optimal coherence witnesses another in full coherence … and misunderstands the situation.
Secrets & Lies … everywhere.
From a Physics perspective, when we choose secrets and lies, our personal energetic system lacks coherence.
Until others around us start to wise up to our ways, we get away with it.
In the environment of today, less and less likely to continue to do so.
Because we have all been required to up our intuitive skills.
Become fluent in intention.
The unsustainable system of systems has been an amazing training ground.
For me anyway.
I do not feel that I am alone with this.
Yet, as intuitive skills rise, so have the tactics of those who feel a benefit to cloak their truest intentions.
Both sides are leveling up.

I took myself out recently. A Friday night.
Through the winter season, I have a once a week date night with myself.
I usually see live theater or musical performances with the occasional movie night thrown in there.
A live movie event for the 1984 production of Amadeus was playing.
The movie was shown simultaneously with the live performance of both the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra and the University of Alberta Madrigal Singers acting as the Soundtrack.
It was spectacular!
The timing. Perfection.
I often had to remind myself that the music was live.
The audience was immersed in the experience.
This format: A first for me. So cool!
Somebody came up with this epic idea. Congrats and thank you!

I had seen this movie before, back in the day.
The depth of the theme missed me back then.
The complex, deep professional jealousy that was the heartbeat of the movie was a rich experience in my present day form.
I feel it is my passion to explore human themes via the variety of creative expressions in an open data format.
I love to play with the creative genius of others.
Often feeling to add a little layer of my own.
There is heartbreak with this jealousy theme.
It is a decelerator in our world.
I admit that I am naive to how great or small this influence is.
Yet I do prescribe this movie, Amadeus, as another Movie Medicine prescription.
One man recognized the creative genius in another.
And felt to squash it!
Covertly, with a sweet smile.
How often does that happen in our world?
There seems a human urge to muck around within the creative boundaries of another.
Stepping on their freedom of authenticity.
I believe that it is often subconscious.
Which does not make it any less sub-optimal.
Yet this story reflected how much harm was received from the instigator also.
He gambled his entire life’s happiness … on extinguishing the light of another.
Am I the only one who sees how counter-intuitive this is?
I understand.
I have great compassion, believe me!
The bad guy has adopted the fear/scarcity mindset. Two-point logic.
He was under the false impression that there is only so much to go around.
He fell into an illusion that his self-worth was reduced by the actualized self-worth of the creative genius, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
So in order to protect what he felt he deserved, he took sordid, clandestine actions.
I am passionate about being a spokesperson for the viable, alternate mindset on offer to any and everyone who chooses it:  Love and Abundance Mindset. Four-point logic. A more expansive operating system for the human being, circa 2017.
With our cultural conditioning, it does require some unlearning of beliefs and concepts to enable the viable mindset be adopted.
The only requirements: Willingness, Pure Intent and Inspired Action.

Significant roadblocks exist and are so widespread amongst us that it is as if we are stuck in quicksand, with no hope of ever freeing ourselves.
Once you are able to see through this illusion, it is actually fairly achievable to heal any and all personal wounds.
Within our psyche.
We each hold common themed personal wounds.
All of us. Which creates the challenge.
The woundedness could be called normal, due to the widespread suboptimal condition of today.
I recommend an optimal question: Does the current day normal demonstrate what is optimal for a human being?
My conclusion: it does not.
Hence, our challenge.

When the healers are wounded, it is every man for himself. (Think human, not gender)
When the lawmakers are wounded, it is every man for himself.
When the security personnel (police, soldiers etc.) are wounded, it is every man for himself.
When the politicians are wounded, it is every man for himself.
When the bankers are wounded, it is every man for himself.
When the educators are wounded, it is every man for himself.
When the scientists are wounded, it is every man for himself.
When those in power are wounded, it is every man for himself.
Etcetera. I think I have made the point.
I believe this is less and less so with each passing year.
Personal empowerment is the new black in wellness.
I am very grateful for this trend that I plan to do everything within my abilities to support and animate.
My Personal Mission Statement: To Enable and Empower Optimal Human Health.
I believe we are not yet aware of what that even looks like. Yet.
Seems the first place to start is Mindset Education and Awareness.
Hence my writing activities.

These wounds run deep, often subconsciously.
So easily triggered by others.
Knee-jerk reactions, modeled through the millennia, prevent our ability to become aware that it is actually our wounds being triggered, not the other person at all.
The triggering incident is misinterpreted and the status quo lives on strongly.
A few common ones: unworthiness, guilt, regret.
Misunderstandings, each one.
Be aware, shine light on, embrace those commonly less loved parts of ourselves.
Understanding we do the best we can do in any moment.
When we know better, we do better.
Be gentle with yourself, as if you are a 5 year old child.
Most of us do have a 5 year old child alive and well within us.
Tender love and acceptance meet that child’s needs most optimally.
Food for thought.

I next consider the Creative Process.
I feel there is an optimal anatomy for creative expression.
Built on a foundation of freedom, respect for human rights, optimal health, healthy communities committed to Live and Let Live philosophy. With respect for self and others.
It is a challenge to enjoy a healthy community until its members have achieved optimal health.
We keep triggering each other decelerating this process of optimization.
I see the Creative Process as a cause and an effect of a healthy community.
Roadblocks exist. Great and small.
Copyright Laws. Only one example.

The creative process could be simplified as:
1. An imagined idea. A seed.
2. Journey to make the idea concrete within the world.
3. The completion, at some tangible level, of the creative work. This can by one person alone.
But collaboration and playing with each others creative ideas often leads to miraculous synergy.
The Open Data concept. To Copy Right.
I love covers of songs. Which leads me to,
4. Another individual coming to a completed creative work, being inspired to add another layer or take a tangent from the original work.
Cycles of #3 to #4 can repeat indefinitely.
This is how we can achieve, as a community, anything we put our heart and minds to.

Optimal flow of the collaborative, collective, creative process.

I believe some of us are aligned to coming up with new ideas.
Others are epic at upgrading the good ideas birthed by another creator.
Both of these roles are equally valuable.
Nobody owns inspiration.
Paradigm shift: value authenticity and creative expression over ownership and control of the creative process of others.
Everyone authentically creating what they are inspired to create.
When we all align to our inspired roles, I hypothesize that everything will get done and there will be plenty for everyone.
This counters our current model of operation in the money system world we currently inhabit.
It crops up in micro-forms. Pockets of communities who recognize this natural law of authenticity.
We each have specific roles best suited to us.
With no hierarchy.
We can take a more everyone takes their place on the circle approach. Non-hierarchical.
There is a little booby trap installed into many minds: Communism. The enemy of a healthy nation.
What I am talking about is not communism.
Perhaps a new term, Humanism.
Aligned to the Earth-based traditions, including the First Nations.
Somehow, traditional developed world education has taught us to abhor this lack of ranking and sorting.
We can choose to change our minds about this.
The trick is in the transition.
Many of us already have.
Those in power have not. Yet.
And may never consciously choose as they see themselves as losing so much. Power.
Yet this forceful style of power is unnatural to the optimal human being.
When each individual connects to their own personal power and optimizes themselves,
They are harmoniously self-regulating.
No need for the cumbersome, red-taped rulebooks we muck around with these days.
Simplicity will be embraced.
Sharing is natural when we are all able to have our basic needs met.
Crime? Why?
Personal coherence within an optimal human being, by design, leads to peace and harmony.
My theory.
Huge challenge to test this one out on a wide scale.
I like to dream big.
This is a dream that I cannot enact alone.
Just a creative seed.
Not mine. I just recognized it out there in the world.
Not sure who to attribute it to though.
Many examples exist already.
I am far from the first to align with this beautiful potential.
A wicked past history as to how people with this dream have been handled.
Why would it be different today?
Because it is.
It is different today. Not sure how or why, but there are enough of us to get started now.
Decisions, on a personal level need to be made.
Inspired actions. Courage. Collaboration. Creativity. Synergy.
I cannot map it out.
We will have to work on the fly.
Be flexible and adaptive to the situation as it unfolds.
Yes, our logical, linear mind does not prefer this.
But this fact cannot be sidestepped as far as I can perceive.
I am open to being shown how if another can create the seed.
Collectively, I do believe this is possible.

How can we tolerate the intolerance of the intolerant?
The million dollar question.
Requires the creative perfect storm.
Creative Collaboration. Inspired Action.
I feel this is how to achieve it.
What the achievement will look like? How will it play out?
I. Have. No. Idea. Yet…

Truth will need to be told.
Truth that is in the highest interest of all.
Awareness of how relative and dynamic truth can be.
We require the Truth to be told.
Optimal Collective Truth.
Could be a challenge. Or not.

I want to point out a key concept that I take from the short movie clip from Amadeus linked earlier and again here.
The villain was incredulous by how easy the creative process was for Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
He seemed to be simply scribing it out directly from his head.
Channeling is another term used out there.
No correction marks. Yet, perfection.
The villain somehow did not align to his optimal role.
Wolfgang enjoyed working with Soltieri (the self-appointed adversary in the story).
Seemed the adversary also enjoyed it.
But that tricky energy of jealousy. Not valuing his own worth, our dear villain.
(could not resist this archaic word, but it is matching to the historical setting)
Believing in a hierarchy yet epically unable to accept anything but the top position.
Harmony strikes me as impossible with this belief in place.
(Living in two point logic or duality).
There is only one position at the top, and so many aspire to have it. Feels like a setup for chaos to me.
Perhaps this conundrum could encourage people to educate themselves on the viable, non-hierarchical mindset options?
An intuitive choice to my mind.
I believe that this ease and flow in creative pursuits occurs when a human being is in their natural optimal state and engaging in their pure inspiration. Playing the role they are inspired to play. With the Live and Let Live mindset, of course. Doing no harm to others. It is a very self-directed activity.
Requires no fancy Human Resource Manual.
When you have people aligned to their optimal role, much of our current complicated systems are completely unnecessary.
Have you ever been the Employer?
Have you ever been the Employee?
A sub-optimal dance when people find themselves in roles that are not the optimal fit for them.
At worst, soul-sucking.
My work as a Family Physician, years ago, saw the pattern of sub-optimal health for so many people mis-matched to their role within Society.
Also when not in an authentic partnership – business, marriage or otherwise.
This runs pretty wide. Pretty deep.
Until we choose to change the course of how things run around here.
Food For Thought.
The old follow your heart advice.
Worth a try …

Addendum #2:
The relative truth that I so courageously write here seems a whole lot more Beautiful than the relative truth I see so many people clinging onto.
With white-fisted knuckles.
Cognitive dissonance.
It is challenging (epic understatement) to see the solution …
When you (in your current unnatural, suboptimal state) are part of the problem.
Uncomfortable? Yes.
Inconvenient? Perhaps.
Yet the solution is simple.

Ponder the wisdom of Yoda …
Then simply make a new choice.
To be willing to choose to optimize yourself.
Too simple to be true?
Not to me.
Thank goodness there is a solution!
Where there is a will, there is always a way.
Tap into your creativity and intuition.
Need a little support?
Maybe at first.
But not for long.
I guarantee it.

Beware insecurity sabotaging your optimization.
I have a playlist prescription for that!
I call it Kaptive Jypsy.
91 songs at the moment of writing.
A dynamic playlist.
Could change without notice.
(I write lightheartedly).
Some are a little naughty.
One woman’s naughty is another’s authentic.
My field-testing has found our second Chakra issues, our creative/sexual/sensuous side is a favored area of preferred focus.
A good place to start.
But you can start anywhere you feel to.
Infinite paths … to optimizing to your natural state.
As transparently as you are able.
Dynamic as you move towards your own authenticity.
Consider channeling your sexual energy into creative pursuits while you are in the optimization process.
Simply an option. You can change your mind back and forth at will.
As I have done. And documented on my Disabled Angel website page.
Where I trained myself … to be myself.

I am considering to field-test my solutions by performing infotaining events.
Stay tuned.
You likely have not seen anything like it before. My ideas delight me.
And will be fun.
Would you like to experience the container I will co-create for you to have your own experience?
With my material and modalities.
Which I would co-create with a number of optimized co-facilitators.
For me and those who align with giving it a go.
They broke the mold after making me.
True for each one of us.
Do what comes naturally.
Pun intended.
I tease you.
In my style.
Yet – ideally, with awareness.
Wounds still present?
No problem. Beware projecting on those you interact with. A big challenge.
Or not.
Life is an experiment.
Take notice.
Lots of fun … when you align with it optimally.
Are you having fun yet?
You will.
If you dare to allow it.
It takes courage.
And full authenticity.
May take a bit of time.
Be patient.
Keep your mind’s eye … on the prize!

Another tidbit:
Facilitators (could also be called healers) have a history of using themselves as the yardstick, so to speak, to assess your progress.
In aligning to your optimal, natural, authentic state: vital health with a spring in your step.
The talented facilitator will know that the only yardstick for you is within you.
You are your own prototype.
Be aware as you choose to align with appropriate facilitators.
Maintain the directorship of your own journey.

One way I conceptualize my model for optimization:
I recognize the creative genius of others.
Play with it.
Immerse myself in it.
And then mash it together in my own unique way.
In the current state of affairs …
This is how I choose to focus.
As more harmony is grounded into the world and its systems, I anticipate that I will change too.
I am not really sure how my authenticity will look then.
I have a tender heart.
Yet I feel a fierce love.
Appropriate for the present day.
But I expect the fierceness will settle appropriately … in time.
Until then, I see myself as a cross between Goofy, the Disney character, and the 2017 Wonder Woman character.
A touch of mystic, and a touch of scholar for good measure.
A professor in the Physics of Consciousness.
A product of our times.
An eclectic combination, to be sure.

Some more optimal questions for you:
What “boxes” have you committed to?
The Science box?
The Religion box?
The Healer box?
The New Age box?
The Power box?
The Force box? Manipulating others to suit your desires?
The Marriage box?
The Education box?
Think of the box as “systems of thinking”.
Patterns of thinking.
B.S. = Belief Systems.

It is time.
To think outside the box.
How might that feel?
To your heart.
And your soul.

Are you willing?
If yes, that is all that is required to make you able.
To believe.
That you.
In your authentic, natural state.
Are all that you need to be.
You are worthy.
Completely worthy.
To be yourself.
No permission required.
(While doing no harm).
And have all your needs met.
With ease and grace.
By design.
Align with your authenticity.
And you will align with all the power that you are.
Not Force.
Not dysfunctional coping habits you learned.
But in your natural, authentic power.

A Beautiful Truth.
Each one of us.

We will get there.
Simply do your part.

“Enable the self-healer within.”

Angèle Beaudoin, Beauvera Health, Address, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Postcode.


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