Truth is Relative Poem

Truth is Relative

Ah, the mind.
A favored tool of humankind.
It has the potential to be extremely expansive.
Equally, it can be used in an extremely constrictive way.
How does one know where on the continuum between constriction and optimal expansion their “tool” is being used?
An optimal question to ponder.
Objectivity here … a challenge.
None of us knows what we are unaware of.
Truth is Relative.
Relative to time.
Relative to person.
Relative to individual perspective, personal operating system so to speak.
The list goes on.
We are like snowflakes: no two the same.
Cognitive dissonance: a powerful decelerator of human evolution.

I will not grasp too tightly to any version of truth or seeming fact, and I will continually discover newer, upgraded and optimal truths (for me).
Evolution halts by refusing to let go of truths that are not relevant for me.
Discernment, the key.
I am open to my experience.
Direct experience is the best teacher.
Anything I have read or have been taught, the relativity was not highlighted.
I am aware.
Each of us holds the freedom of choice.
Experience, alignment to self & inspired education on the journey to the Mastery of the mind.

Truth is Relative. What a relief.
The Beautiful Truth.

“Enable the self-healer within.”

Angèle Beaudoin, Beauvera Health, Address, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Postcode.


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