Crazywise Introduction

Angele Beaudoin, Family Physician with lived experience (acute mental health crises) shares some personal insights that complement the Documentary Film Crazywise. Production is nearing completion. to join me in financially supporting this fantastic project.

Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival November 2016 is the big goal.

The Film challenges the way western culture defines and treats Mental Illness.

Phil Borges, one of the producers, speaks on this and related topics. A favourite of mine among his talks: Phil Borges TEDx Talk, Myths, Shamans & Seers. He has interviewed, among others, the medium who channels the Oracle for the Dalai Lama. Amazing…

TEDx Phil Borges, Psychosis or Spiritual Awakening

Phil Borges & Kevin Tomlinson, producers, share many clips on their website: Emma Bragdon, Katie Mottram, Dagmar Ramos, Myself, Dr. Gabor Mate (Canadian Addictions Physician from Vancouver), Russell Razzaque (Psychiatrist heading the Peer-Assisted Open Dialogue movement in England). Sadghuru, Stanislov Grof (Psychiatrist & Author of Spiritual Emergency)

Many, many others.

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“Enable the self-healer within.”

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