If You Love Something

If You Love Something, Set it Free.
If it Comes Back, it is Yours.
If it Doesn’t, it Never Was…

This quote was the very first to catch my attention…as a child.
It hung on the wall in the basement spare bedroom of my childhood home.
The one and only quote ever to display in the home.
Framed unceremoniously in the most simple metal frame.
Loved sitting and pondering it.

You always remember your first …

The Joy of Freedom.
Freedom is not as free as I might like.
I consider connection to other humans a basic need.
Optimal communication.
Taking full responsibility for myself.
A lot can be said on what that looks like.
We trigger each other.
We hurt each other.
We love each other in our unique ways that can easily be lost in the translation of life.
We make assumptions and storylines about mundane events.
It can be difficult to communicate our needs to each other.
I see a relevant difference between manipulating others in a need to be in control and respectfully asking for help and not linking love & connection to the answer, yes or no, to the request.
Harmony lies in allowing the optimal alignment between receiving assistance with the optimal person who is inspired to satisfy that request.
So many mechanisms out there (we learned as children) that can create some messy situations.
I intend to continue to improve in taking responsibility for myself and allow others to do the same.
Easier said than done in my experience.

How to be sovereign in an unfree world?
A new question I recently added to my list of optimal questions.


“Enable the self-healer within.”

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