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Thursday, September 16th, 2021

September 16, 2021

I enjoyed Sharron Martin of Inner Sanctum’s 30 minute video. Click title to view.
She is a friend, a collaborator and a beautiful soul from New Zealand.
I picked out a few quotes.

“Are we really in a pandemic?
[I add: not denying that people are having health problems.
People are sick.
With what?
There are multiple factors in baseline health that a viral illness is more of an effect that a cause than is commonly communicated.
There are so many factors in our current health as a population.
If we focus on an effect and not the fundamental causes holistically, we miss great opportunity to create changes to support human health.]
We are in a time of great change and revelation.
We must stand in our power.
Be empowered to see the truth, to demand the truth.
To be in truth … on all levels.
As we discern this in our own lives and our world, we will make new decisions.
We will begin to form our new earth and our new way of being.
What is the real reason for this fight, this division?”
“Are you being led somewhere you want to go?
This is a test for humanity.
An opportunity for awakening [to a more expanded consciousness].
The collective is beginning to awaken.
This is why there are extra pressures being put on.”

“We are beginning to undo 2000 years of programming”.

Sharron shares a cute analogy at the end: The truth will start popping out of holes all around, like the way meerkats pop out of holes and peek out randomly from multiple holes.
Keep an eye, ear, heart out for that.

It is all vibration & frequency.
For some of us who apply wide focus on our own frequency, it feels very clear.
The frequency of media attempts to distract and prevent wider, more holistic perspectives.
Be aware.
It is truly a great time to dream a new dream for our world.

Mary Poppins Returns. I happened to be in the middle of this beautiful movie when the Emergency Alert hit my phone last night to inform of the new Public Health Emergency status for Alberta.

Time to bring more magic into the world.
I define magic as truth not yet optimally perceived.
Same translation for crazy and miracle.

Everything is possible. Even the impossible.
Repeated quote from the new Mary Poppins movie.
Consider a little Movie Medicine, a prescription:
Watch Mary Poppins Returns.

I had collected many Movie Medicine prescriptions on a Facebook Page for years.
Months ago it was deleted, censored fully with no warning or explanation.
I could not recall what might have prompted that.
So weird.
The last post was about the movie, Captain Fantastic, with Viggo Martenson.
Click the title to view the 2 minute preview.
I recommend this one also.
It depicts a part of our current divide: Living naturally versus corporatocracy.
I wish to be a part of the Naturalization movement.
As in, we all act naturally.
Requires connection to our own essence and heart.
Fear does get in the way of this.
A truly caring leadership structure would make efforts to assuage fear, rather than fan the flames of fear.
And then pour a little gasoline on there.
Trigger warning:
That is what this latest stunt feels like to me: declaring Alberta in a Public Health State of Emergency. A manufactured emergency.
Worthy of discussion, yet we will have to await the emotions to flow out a bit.
Everyone at the table will need to be capable of respectful participation.
It takes as long as it takes.
I know what true discussion looks and feels like.
Nowhere in sight at the moment.
Proper respectful discussion of the issues with multiple, various perspectives represented.
Can you imagine?
Censorship is creating an illusion that we have no choice.
Alternative approaches to protein particle challenges do exist.
It would take a while.

To be clear: I do not think my style of naturalization is depicted in Captain Fantastic.
There are many shades of natural.
When we have systems that support optimal human health, we will all likely choose less extremes.
It is useful to increase the contrast to enable empowering, solutions-oriented choices.
An analogy for what is happening now in the world.
Contrast increases which can inspire y’all to consider what you truly desire to create.
Make conscious, solutions-oriented choices.
If corruption etc. has been embedded without our system of systems our entire lives, it feels normal in a way. I feel that is part of the challenge.
When the barn is on fire, the horses will be inclined to return to the barn as that is where they associate comfort. Not logical to a survival way of thinking.

Do you value freedom?
That is an important, relevant question.
Do you trust your information systems enough to allow yourself to be divided (and conquered)?
I, respectfully, do not.
Control & authority versus optimal human health.
The game we are all playing right now.
When we are more balanced (basic human needs met), we naturally become more responsible.
Much healing may be required in the psyche.
Supporting the healing paths for everyone would be a great use of focus and resources.

Music is the Doctor: It’s good to get a different point of view.
A line in the song Turning Turtle from Mary Poppins Returns.
Another line:
When you change the view from where you stood,
the things you view will change for good.
Consider the double meaning here:
For good. As in a state of being.
For good. As in the sense of time. Finally.
To bring awareness of the subconscious mind to the conscious mind … changes everything.

3 key categories of our consciousness challenging our natural, optimal function:
Unacknowledged Fear
Repressed Emotions
Unresolved Trauma
Human consciousness is the basis of Health … and Reality.
This needs to be a part of the conversation in the world now.

All these prescriptions are encouraging whole brain thinking.
Give your Corpus Callosum a bit of love.
Left linear, logical thinking is only part of the equation.
What I mean when I say, Take your eye off the microscope.

I elaborate a bit about Whole-Brain thinking in this article, Falling Off The Edge.
Click title to view.

This article resulted in a playlist called Whole Heart – Beautiful Truth playlist Spotify Version.
Whole Heart – Beautiful Truth playlist You Tube Version. A part of the list. Under construction.
Hardest Heart by Blank & Jones did not exist on You Tube initially.
I attempted to create my own You Tube version. Blocked by Copyright.
I am a fan of Open Data collaboration, yet the economic system has distorted our natural tendencies.
Anticipating change.
In time.
I considered reaching out to Blank & Jones. It is a really powerful song in these times.
Ask and you shall receive. 3 months ago, a much more beautiful version was published on You Tube.


I have had good feedback on the Whole Heart playlist.
Prescription: listen daily for 30 days.
If you feel to.
Easiest on Spotify. Free use of the app is available.
It takes time to influence the subconscious mind.
Repetition is required.
Consider the repetitive messages you are choosing to listen to. The powers that were, as I prefer to call them, know this very well also.
Who do you think gave them the power?
Hint: We all did … until we choose otherwise.

I deeply and sincerely believe we can make much better use of our Resources.

Two articles from my Sovereign Fun category:
(Click a title to view)
Sovereign Dreams
Sovereign Fun is focused on How to make dreams come true.
There is a formula.

From a Facebook Post by James K Newman in a group called Alignment Life:

It is in the adherence to illusion that conditions like trauma and grief, shame and guilt, anger and resentment, depression or anxiety are manifested.

All that ever need be done to change these chosen responses is to see the reality of what has taken place.
Or is still taking place.
It is the adherence to mind-based illusion that can keep one imprisoned.
Sometimes for a lifetime.
Chose to see the gift, the teacher, the lesson in every occurrence.
And in this, one by one, we will rise together.
Rise to the reality of who we are!

This writing reminds me of the Course in Miracles books.
I read them in 2011.
The intention for the book is to remind you to remember who you actually are.
Repetition of various statements address the remembering.
Subconscious mind hides many beliefs and understandings that may not be optimal.
I am tentative to recommend it. It is a fairly weird read.
I feel there are infinite ways to align to your true state.
Willingness to consider that you may not be in your true state yet is an essential first step.
Baby steps.
Follow the Breadcrumb Trail of your inspiration.
Bentinho Massaro speaks of this in the 4 minute video, How Do I Discover My Joy.
Click title to view.

Guidance Center versus Control Center.
What are you doing to yourself?
What are you creating?
What do you truly want to create?

Beware the mental prison controlled by the inner harsh parent.
It is a thing commonly occurring within the consciousness of some selves.
What if your thoughts create your reality?
I deeply believe they do.
Feel free to experiment with this concept yourself.
Are you ready yet to explore the Anatomy of a Miracle?
You may even choose the Course in Miracles as I did.
In an Nutshell: A miracle is simply a change in perspective.
Willingness is an essential ingredient.

Natural Laws of Physics exist whether we are aware of them or not.
One of my dreams is for a collective recognition of how much we DO NOT know.
To recognize and understand the Physics of Consciousness more, we likely will find a whole new way to make decisions and use resources.

The Anatomy of a Miracle

Wednesday, September 1st, 2021

August 31, 2021

I always translate miracle as Truth not yet optimally perceived.
Take a moment to contemplate the depth of this.
I use the same translation for Crazy and Magic.

Leads to the next question: what is reality? How do we know if we are perceiving reality optimally?
We create our reality, despite the fact that I do not feel most people realize this.
I always like to include the yet.
Choices. Choices.
Are you aware of all the available choices?
It is challenging to know what you do not know.
There is a huge freedom when I can accept and acknowledge this sincerely to myself.
The illusion of knowledge stops curiosity and experience … and human evolution.

One has to stop what one is doing and focus on stuff that one has never conceived of before.
The only way one can ever conceive this is focusing on the potentialities.
One way to close the gap.
The gap between what we perceive as reality, and reality optimally perceived.

Wisdom presents in many forms. There is a capacity within each human being to feel truth as it is being expressed.
Truth is amazingly relative despite the structure of our education.
The truth is perceived according to one’s level of consciousness, energetic vibration.
The exploration awaits when we delve into the Physics of our own Consciousness.
Levels of expansion and contraction are dynamic. We fluctuate until we anchor a new threshold via naturally living our lives.
What is natural living?
An optimal question with likely infinite answers.
What if we entrain to unnatural living?
An optimal question.
When we ask the optimal question, we prime ourselves to receive the optimal answer?
I value questions. And questioning the integrity and relevance of our questions.
Be patient and open with yourself. Answers do come. The experience of self-sourced answers is exciting.
Follow the breadcrumb trail guided by your inspiration.
Experiment with your own life and experience.

The ability to be both curious and aware of the many assumptions that exist unquestioned in our system of systems … is a huge asset.
What do you truly know for sure?
We have been entrained to learn from books and the experiences of others.
Remember the telephone game as a kid?
One person makes a statement, whispers it to the neighbor in a circle of people. Repeated whispering around the circle and then the last one to hear the message proclaims it.
A group of 8 or more kids demonstrates the effect well.
The final statement tends to be enormously different from the original.
And then we all laugh at the zaniness of it.
In real life though, I am no longer laughing.
I am a proponent for direct experience as a way to know reality.
With direct observation, one can start a sense of knowing.
Experience is the best teacher.

The way we are educated with volumes of subjects and materials, learning to take someone else’s word for it, voila! It becomes a habit: leading to our current confusion in the world.
I also dream of development of a Science of Integrity, if Science continues to be perceived as driving major decisions for large groups of people. This science would braid nicely with the Physics of Consciousness. There is a threshold level where integrity is naturally held. For key decisions, we would ensure that appropriate individuals would hold these positions to make choices that work for everyone.
Unity is linked to understanding. Agreement is not essential.
Polarity exists widely in the world. The divide and conquer tactic has been effective in maintaining a fear/scarcity mindset and tone in our system of systems.
Unity is linked with a love/abundance mindset.
There is a choice becoming more clear with each passing week.
Unresolved emotions and traumas are energetically purging in the current climate of 2021.
Which can be perceived as frightening until you understand the natural progression of a human being as consciousness expands. It tends not to be for the fainthearted.
Human beings are fully capable of a live and let live mentality.
This would require a truth and communication system available at this same level of consciousness which is corruption-proof.
Many self-proclaimed experts who read their expertise in a book or learned it in a course of instruction function for generations in the systems. Relative truth based on a former level of consciousness continues to be pushed, not taking into account the multifactorial shifts in the environment (the average, median and mode of consciousness levels).
Each time an experience is shared/told, the authenticity will get distorted and lost in translation. Not taking into account so many variables within the context of life.
The relevance shifts as humans evolve and the earth energy dynamics change.
We have yet to develop a system of questioning assumptions. Within the premises of pure Science, it exists in principle and not in practice. Yet.

Essential ingredients to experience a miracle:
1. A human being in their state of awareness/consciousness – not yet embodying their full capacity to flow energy through their body system.
2. Openness to allow natural flow of energy through their body. No matter whether this is within or outside of conscious awareness.

Quite simple. An experience is perceived as a miracle when one level of understanding and believing is transcended to another more expanded understanding.

One human’s miracle is another human’s reality.

Resolve INNER CHILD Wounds:
Common wounds: feeling worthless, unlovable, not intelligent or imperfect.
There are others.
I was a little late to the party of Inner Child work.
With the assistance of a facilitator, Valerie Donner, naturally gifted in many ways, I discovered a simple formula for resolving Inner Child Wounds. Click her name to link to her website, if you feel to explore.

5 Easy Steps:
1. Acknowledge
2. Accept
3. Ask for healing light to flow through your body
4. Send yourself love, take notice of yourself receiving it
5. Reassure yourself

Self-sourced. Connected to your highest vibrational parts. One term: Superconsciousness.

Prerequisite: Fully loving and accepting yourself as you are now. OR Intending to.
Awareness is 90% in the area of resolving issues. The last 10% finds you in creative ways once you have been able to allow awareness.
We all have issues.
I feel that every human being alive has PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder) to greater and lesser degrees.
Many hearts make light work.
Do it yourself or if this sounds foreign to you, discover a facilitator that resonates with you.
They are out there.
I guarantee it.

A magical equation:
Acknowledge Fear and use the 5 step formula above.
You will thank yourself.
It is an inside job.
When you get the inside in alignment, the outside world will have no other option but to follow.
An explanation of you must believe before you will see.
Many are waiting to see it before they believe it. It is a risk to not question that approach.
If we in highest relative truth are the creators of our reality ( I sincerely believe we are), and you need to see it before you believe it – failing to acknowledge your creation of duality/polarity via fear/scarcity mindset, you will not know unity energetics in the love/abundance mindset.
Simply by connecting to natural human qualities: openness, curiosity, kindness, compassion, understanding – at least the intention to get there: one opens a door to infinite possibilities. I see the risk of being a skeptic needing to see in order to believe – refusing the real-life experiment – as much greater than exploring being kind and understanding.
Unity tri-wave consciousness awaits your sincere exploration.

When You Believe sung by the singers from Prince of Egypt Musical

The Police State … of Mind

Monday, May 31st, 2021

This title has been on the list of stories to write since September 2017. It flowed in my head on many occasions. Felt kind of silly to write about it. Yet in December 2020, it feels much more relevant. Time passing has only added to the story. I feel to frame my stories in my own unique way. I feel it is worthy of contemplation for everyone. I respect the sovereignty of each individual. I desire to play my part to establish this mutual respect for everyone. My preferred way to do this is to encourage us all to look to the foundations of how our systems came into being. It is an optimal time to begin a new approach by questioning the long list of assumptions that have been made that has created our unsustainable system of systems.

One fine day in September 2017, I was beginning my routine day driving my then 12 year old youngest son to Junior High School. My favored path was engaged. I pass by an Elementary School that exists on a main neighborhood road. Quiet through most hours of the day. For about 20 minutes as school start approaches and 20 minutes after school lets out, it is congested. Hence, I and many others, choose an intersection to join the fray where there is a pedestrian initiated traffic light. When the light is red and stops the full traffic 10-12 of us can turn left with ease and grace. There is an unwritten code that has developed. The vehicle first or second in line sends someone out to engage the pedestrian light so that a cohort of us may turn left. Without this, we could wait 5-10 minutes before finding a safe turning opportunity. One by one, this would create quite the traffic backup. I have lived in the hood for 26 years in two different homes, using this approach during the tiny rush hour (more accurately minutes). I notice as I approach the turn that the traffic light is soon to turn green. Not before I seamlessly make my left turn. I enjoy driving safely and efficiently to my chosen destinations. This day, a police vehicle turns on its lights and appears to want me to pull over. Oh dear.
I choose to be direct and authentic in my style. I ask the officer to consider that this neighborhood traffic flow is smooth and efficient with the left turn he just witnessed. The relevant detail is that the road I turned from does have a stop sign in place. I and the local peeps have each long ago recognized the irrelevance of the stop sign while the traffic light shows red. One risks being rear ended if a stop for the stop sign occurred. A honk at the very least. Mr. Police was quick to report that his presence was in response to an official complaint from a citizen directing their attention to the lack of proper stops at this intersection stop sign. (I know … so petty). He declared that he would issue me a ticket for failing to recognize a traffic signal rather than failing to stop at a stop sign. He was doing me a favor by his own words because the $500 fine for failing to stop at a stop sign was higher than his issued ticket, $340.

This was the second time I was pulled over by the police with my youngest son in the car. He questioned my approach to the officer. I was polite yet shared my views in a calm manner. Lightheartedly, in fact. I enjoy sharing my perspective, haha.

I took a moment to try on the perspective of the person who made the original call which led to the Police Service presence on this 2017 day. (They have not returned, no surprise.) It fills my heart with compassion to feel how someone chose to express their frustration seeing multiple people on a regular daily basis driving through a stop sign. I have my authenticity scale that I play around with based on the consciousness scale shared by David R. Hawkins in his book Power Versus Force. Just go with me here, I have developed my intuitive abilities and I find it helpful. In March, 2020, I wrote an article describing the concept: Scale of Consciousness/Authenticity Scale – A Practical Tool. (Click title to view. My main objective in writing it out is to connect with others who may wish to collaborate with me.) For the individual who phoned the police to complain, I vibe 360. Full authenticity is 1000. I do gently encourage you not to be offended by this. It is by no means an attempt to be about hierarchy with my fellow human beings. I do see a great need for us to find ways to understand each other better. Consider this scale to represent how wide an awareness can be held by an individual. How many perspectives can be simultaneously held?

Consciousness is the basis of reality so I feel to be radically honest and transparent with this conceptual framework. I can also authentically say, we are all broken – to greater and lesser degrees and in a variety of different ways. Increasing awareness within ourselves is a fabulous start to raise the stage and change the conversation.
I desire deeply and sincerely to be a part of creating new frameworks towards solutions that support my personal mission statement:
To enable and empower optimal human health.
I cannot see how we will do this without considering how our systems support or interfere with the evolution of natural human beings.
My favorite questions right now:
What is natural for a human being?
How do natural human beings behave when in an empowered state of being?
I have come to believe that it is the mindset that determines this. There is room for a wide variety of mindsets to live and allow others to live harmoniously. However, I see a collective mindset that is caught up in the police state of mind. This chosen mindset is quite fixated on controlling the behavior of others. If this was not the case, nearly everything I have chosen to express on my two websites would be completely irrelevant. I would not feel any inspiration to share my perspective. Yet, here we are …

I interject here with my favorite fundamental questions:
What is a human being? Truly.
What is reality?
I dream of collaborating widely with many different people or groups on these two questions. To understand the variety of perspectives to the answers to these questions would create much understanding about how much choice is available to each individual. Not being consciously aware of one’s own mindset leads to much confusion and misunderstanding.
Unity consciousness, for me, does not require that we all agree with each other. Yet, to obliviously move through life requiring submission by all who coexist with you leads to much divisiveness and conflict. To gain understanding of the various mindsets and perspectives, I feel would naturally lead to the creation of new ways of establishing order. Natural order. This requires willingness.
Unity comes with understanding. Agreement is not necessary.
Yet basic respect cannot exist without some level of understanding. Transparency and radical honesty goes a long way towards World Peace. Even if it gets a little more chaotic before it improves, I prescribe this for any community: family, neighborhood, city, province, country, world.
After living through the lockdown era of 2020/2021, I feel we would all enjoy interacting together more than ever before.

Back to my story.
Upon first receiving the ticket, I had planned to simply pay it – with annoyance. As time passed, I recognized that I could not plead guilty to such an inaccurate charge. I planned to attend the automatically assigned traffic court date. It turned out I experienced a health crisis that prevented my attending in the first week of 2018. Upon recovering, I attended traffic court to request a 2nd date be issued. This began an education about the insanity of traffic court and the traffic law legal system. I adopted a friend’s euphamism the Just Us System. I witness many other laymen presentations to the court. Humans are so creative. I found it fascinating. I just absorbed it. I had once before represented myself in traffic court decades earlier. I included the details in a story Rules Are Meant To Be Broken years ago. (Click title to read.)
I was last to be heard. Request granted for another court date opportunity. I showed up to the reassigned day. I presented to a young woman administering in the courtroom. She had a robotic tone and tempo to her speech, not commonly experienced in my life interacting in the world. She used such fancy legal terms and was badgering me to just plead guilty rather than be heard in court. She stated that the officer had signed in and there was no way I would be successful. I truly was not expecting to be successful in that way. Yet, I desired to play out the scenario in order to have my own experience. I wanted to be heard. My biggest point was that I was driving safely. Pedestrians crossed the main road on my right. I deeply desired to ask the question, Is there a more safe time to turn left than when all cross traffic is stopped at a red light?
Yet, in the end, the Just Us system does not allow for reflection or contemplation about what is safe. It is a strange robotic assembly line that acts like a computer with limited actions available to choose. It feels to me like a feeble system to make it appear that individual citizens have any opportunity to discuss the fundamental issues and ensure their rights are not interfered with. It is a system to support payment of traffic fines. It has no mandate to consider the context of events. I knew this. Yet was inspired to follow through. Partly as I wish to see systems transform to support health, harmony and safety in the world.
My case was left to last again. Good in that I could gain more experience about how the system worked with the other cases. Not my preference as there were no witnesses present who were not a part of the incestuous system. It turned out that the officer was NOT present. I wondered if this might have been in my favor. Nope. Gave perspective about why the clerk pushed hard for me to plead guilty. Shocked at the strangeness of it. I expressed to the courtroom that she had clearly stated the officer had checked in. She flatly expressed to the courtroom that she had mistaken. He was attending a course that day.
I am requested to agree to adjourn. I do not. I ask for the matter to be handled that day.
Well, the Judge waxed eloquently out loud about the factors he takes into account in making his decision. I forget the details yet it was quite a long, slow soliloquy. I was dumbfounded. Key to his decision was the fact that I had missed a date also. True that. So another date way down the track was assigned.

So that date arrives. I present myself to the clerk. As I wait for the court to open, I am approached by the officer. He happened to be wearing what appeared more like an army camouflage uniform. He was quite a handsome fellow which had escaped me on our first meeting. He was authoritative yet polite. He was informing me that I will not win. He truly felt he was wasting his time (which I silently agreed that he was). I sensed that he was disappointed. He had done me that favor, remember? Issuing me a lower dollar value ticket. For me, it was not about the money. I had come this far. I wished to be heard. And for the full experience.

It is challenging to describe in words how my consciousness experienced being processed by the Just Us system. I am intuitive and perceptive in ways beyond the five physical senses. It was uncomfortable for me to see this system at work. Each individual has a small, conscripted task to play out. All the rules and regulations limit true communication. I was heard describing the context of my safe left turn. They are not at all concerned with safety. The energetic, almost sexual excitement, felt from the Prosecuting lawyer when he asked if I stopped at the stop sign and I said no. I find it so unpleasant to witness mental masturbation in my presence.
Not that I am not guilty of it also at times. He was exuberant like a hunter after the kill is made hearing my answer.
“Next!” So I experienced first hand that context is not relevant in this arena. It is like computer code: either a zero or a one. Safety has nothing to do with it. Energetically, I felt it was very powerful for me to state out loud to the entrained individuals remaining in the courtroom, “I will continue to drive safely”. I authentically needed to declare this truth. Implied is the futility of the work that occurs in Traffic Court. When there is no space for context, I see this as a dehumanizing system. The premise of the Traffic Safety Laws are to ensure safety on the roads. I do appreciate how petty this is. Yet it is a safe and simple analogy as to how all of our systems work. I appreciate that many could debate my approach from many different perspectives. This knee-jerk style of attempting to negate any sincere concerns has been running in a loop from time immemorial. I nudge you to consider widely how accustomed we have all become with systems that are not as fundamentally supporting to optimal human health as we might have been entrained to believe. I ask you to consider what you are complicit to. The most available choice accessible via mainstream media messaging is a form of complicity. World culture prefers to keep doing things as they have always been done. It is not celebrated to consider major system changes. Yet.
When all of our systems defy their “raison d’etre” on a daily, systematic basis, how do we develop harmony and order? I believe these things are an essential part of optimal human health.

So this silly story I hope might give some tangible demonstration about my little consciousness assessment of “360”. The rules and regulations taken without context creates a very different world than if we were committed to evaluation based on basic principles and vision.
I was unable to verify the date of the onset of the Alberta Traffic Safety Act. I imagine it was initiated decades ago. Then updated regularly since. So the whole setup and framework started long ago.
How related is the City’s requirement for financial resources to the number, amount and style of traffic tickets issued?
I have learned that my city is one of the most prolific in the country issuing photo radar speeding tickets. There are many perspectives. I know my own oldest son has adopted the concept that to avoid speeding is the best way to avoid tickets. Truth to that. Yet the radars tend to be setup where the signed traffic maximum could very well be 10 km/hour faster. So the cash generating ability is maximized. So, yes, a polarizing issue in a way. My point is more about encouraging us to be willing to evolve. What is the purpose and vision?
If safe driving is the main purpose and vision, I offer that we can do this without the Alberta Traffic Act. Robotic systems lead to robotic citizens. It is a trend.
Do you think it is optimal to be robotic?
I do not.

I happened to receive 2 additional traffic tickets for driving faster than the posted limit. One was just at the onset of lockdown in March. My photo was taken. Clear to see that I am all by myself on the 4 lane Calgary Trail north. I had picked up my son and his friend from a movie theater. I was driving safely. 12 km/hour about the posted limit. 100% safe with the context of 11pm and almost no traffic. The truth is I was enjoying conversation with the 2 young men. I reflect on every ticket I have ever received, I was driving safely. As I always do.
We were born into this police state of mind society. I recall just complying with the system years ago, knowing I would pay a couple or five hundred dollars annually with the City of Edmonton photo radar system. An extra tax.

The most recent ticket I received was given in person. Again, with my youngest son. An officer hides behind a pole with a handheld pointing device. Well, going 62 km/hour on a 4 lane road with almost no traffic. Yes, chatting with my interesting son. Driving safely, as always. I felt to tell the officer that he has a soul-sucking job. I said it sincerely, calmly and kindly.
My son later questioned that choice, yet the officer visibly drooped. He agreed. Then went on to describe how many people had shouted at him that afternoon during the issuance of a speeding ticket. I did not add to his burden. Yet, I clearly stated that I was driving safely. I went on to share with him that he is in a better position than I am to speak to the questionable practice of issuing tickets on roads where the speed limit would naturally be posted 10 or more km/hour higher if safety was the only issue. I, like most drivers, drive in the context of the situation. Extra attention with pedestrians nearby. Slower when congested traffic is at play. Etc. Do we really need little detailed, robotic rules and regulations?
When we are all in an optimal state, I firmly believe we do not.

This is just one of the systems that impacts our lives. There is quite a lot of entanglement showing itself these days. Most of our systems were initiated generations ago. One suboptimally setup system informing another and another.
When do we look deeper into the visions and values of each major system?
If, as a society, we desired to enable and empower optimal human health, we would need to re-evaluate everything that was setup long ago.
Do we value meeting basic human needs for all citizens?
If not, why not?
Once we get that in place, human beings naturally step into their best fit role to contribute and nourish their soul.
It is natural for a human being.
Being responsible to one’s self and others is natural for a human being who has been able to meet basic needs.

Our current unsustainable system of systems has created a lot of trauma to a lot of people. That will require some masterful solutions. Many hands, with hearts engaged and soul nourishing roles, make light work.

For The Record:
I will no longer participate in the Legal System. Otherwise known as the “Just Us” system. I will not accept anymore tickets for driving safely. I will not pay any money for driving safely, at the speed that I feel is appropriate to the environment. That may be above posted speed limits.
I encourage us all to NOT prop up a house of cards that is due to fall. It is falling. There is no need to help to build it again.

May 30, 2021. I just completed a 90 minute chat with a friend, Ida. Titled Connecting in Curiosity and with Consciousness. Click title to view. The themes from this article were discussed. I am pleased to no longer be simply talking to myself. (smile)
The prompt to complete and publish this article arrived with this chat. Three and a half years following the impetus to write it.
I trust my timing.

The Economics of Happiness. A big deal.
Click on the title to view an hour long film showcasing Tibet.
A 12 minute TED Talk about the Economics of Happiness by an acquaintance, Mark Anielski, an Economist calling Edmonton home. I long ago read his book by the same name. I was so enthusiastic I wrote to Oprah about it. She did not pick up on it. Haha

The Law of Non Judgment (click title to view a 14 minute video) by Tracey Milne.
The Universal Law of Honesty (click title to view 10 minute video). Another by Tracey Milne.
Transformative videos in my experience.

Consciousness 101 – Fundamental to Life

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2020

“Our thoughts can change the world”

The theme of this 34 minute video: What is the Reality Revolution? The Mindblowing movement to hack Reality. (Click title to view)
A few quotes from the video:
Our greatest threat comes from fear and a lack of understanding of our exponentially rising power.
Our interpretative framework governs our perception of reality.
If you’re a cynic, then life becomes banal and cynical. Everyday becomes a drag. … Open yourself up to a more optimistic view of the world.
Find authorship over your subjectivity.

The video mentions Masaru Emoto’s Research.
Click title to view a 6 minute demonstration of how human vibrational energy, thoughts, words, ideas and music affect the molecular structure of water. The crystal formations of water droplets from a variety of conditions were photographed at the freezing point.

Consciousness is the fundamental driver of Reality.
If this statement feels controversial to you, I urge you to keep an open mind.
What are you thinking about? What type of world has your thoughts created for you? The understanding of consciousness offers an avenue to collaborate solutions to any and all the perceived challenges/problems in the world. Let me explain with my intention to be breviloquent. Defined as expressing with a concise style.


The initial questions that lead me to discover the importance of consciousness came about 15 years ago (from Deepak Chopra – back in my ‘Oprah/Chopra era’). Who am I? (Truly). What do I want? (Beware the human nature to bury our desires deep within our subconscious mind.) Great questions for anyone. Beware the mask that our cultural conditioning helped us to create.

When you ask the optimal question, you allow optimal answers to come your way. Optimal is in the mind of the beholder. Optimal group collaboration is highly recommended. It is a personal individual journey that each individual is free to explore.

Do you feel free? I remember a time when I believed I was free and well. Experience led me to discover it was a spoon fed illusion. Take notice of any cognitive dissonance when considering if this is your current state.

How to identify the illusion within the numerous delusions we all hold to greater and lesser degree? An essential and relevant question in this era of Covid-19 pandemic/pantomime/planned-demic. (3 different terms in usage out in the great wide world).

I upgraded my fundamental questions.
What is a human being comprised of- in totality?
The knowledge of the non-visible components are not integrated into our world’s systems … yet.
The electromagnetic fields that our body creates and connects us to our world fields.
(Hence – the non-supportive conditions of today.)
After a decade of sincere exploration, I recognize the importance of understanding our own consciousness and what is possible for a human being in our “true natural” state.
The Physics of Consciousness is the fundamental missing Science in the formulation of our world systems.

The other big question:
What is Reality?
And how pliable is it?
(Much more than traditional world systems would allow you to access understanding of.)
A simplistic metaphor I offer:
Our world systems are built on the concept that we are like “cameras”, taking still shots of an ‘existing reality’.
[The understanding of consciousness that exists in pockets of understanding stems from earliest quantum physics principles published as far back as the 1940’s.]
In actuality, a better metaphor for our consciousness is that we are more like film projectors. Our inner beliefs are viewed out in our external reality from the films that we create with our thoughts and beliefs.

In the era of social distancing, I feel a need to add my contribution to the narrative of April 2020.
I was called a conspiracy theorist recently for the first time by my parenting partner. I instantly laughed. Yet, I recognized it was not stated as a compliment. Many little phrases have injected themselves into the collective vernacular, the above being a notable one.

I feel very concerned about our the current mode of transmitting information to the public. The Mainstream Media is a tool with non-transparent controllers. Conscious Journalism appears to have minimal attention. With so many perspectives available, why use such a narrow focus? One answer to that question is that the controllers of the narrative exercise an amplification of their creative power.
The truth is relative. I question the motives of the curators of what is deemed relevant for the common man. How aware can anyone be with the system of the narrative being controlled in this profit-driven societal setup?
I firmly believe the curators/controllers of the narrative are well aware of how to transmit focused messages for the “film projectors” to continue to recreate the reality of their preference.

I have to be honest with myself. I have been waiting for years for other brave souls to come forward, share the relevant truth and question the foundation of our (semi) collectively agreed upon foundations for our systems.

I have been waiting for courageous others to rescue me from a reality that I do not prefer. Not an optimal choice as I see it now.

A longtime favorite movie clip from A Bug’s Life looks like an analogy for our world. Those in official positions of power are greatly outnumbered by those they deem to represent.
Hopper: You let one ant stand up to us, then they all might stand up! Those puny little ants outnumber us a hundred to one and if they ever figure that out there goes our way of life! It’s not about food, it’s about keeping those ants in line.

Jason Estes: Breaking the cycle. A 1 hour discussion

The Fundamental Difference between Stories and Reality from a movie exploration You Tube Channel.

None of us live in a vacuum.
It is each’s responsibility to curate our experience to create the world we desire to experience.
If you have yet to discover yourself in your desired experience, it is up to the individual to become curious and question the assumptions you have evidently made that are not a match to your True Nature.
It is both simple and complex at once.
To develop an insatiable relevant exploration into who you truly are and what you desire is the Hero’s Journey.
Exchange fear for excitement and tap into your own courage.
The more that choose this, the quicker we can create an harmonious world.
Willingness, truly, is the only requirement.

My explorations of consciousness have clarified a burning need within the world at large:
How do we determine the integrity and conscious awareness of the people in leadership (often with associated authority) who determine the parameters of our freedom and health/wellness?
This is nonexistent at present.
Does this concern anyone else?
I do not mean the ongoing “hot potato” game of switching leadership front men & women based on the current game we call democracy. 
The clever use of reality mapping used in this and former eras:
Injecting tag words and creating a reality that very loosely approximates the construct.
Operation Mockingbird.

The truth is hiding in plain sight.
Usually weaved masterfully with untruths.
Keeps everybody’s natural compass spinning. Confusion and lack of confidence is widespread in our Information Age.
This is a minuscule example about how cultural programming works.
He who controls the narrative, controls reality. Have you ever wondered who controls the narrative?

A whole new system is urgently required to simply address how we handle the narrative. The truth is shockingly relative to the mindset of the beholder.
Is our consent to the current narrative styles and streams truly informed?
Or manufactured?
A Chinese proverb warns:
If we do not change direction,  we are likely to end up exactly where we are headed.

It truly is a fabulous time to raise the stage and change the conversation.
Our collective thoughts are fearfully focused and that is how we create our “monsters” and “nightmares”.
Our collective habits recreate, in a vicious loop, our current state. Over and over.
Until we master the understanding about how we can create an upgraded, harmonious world.
Micro to macro.
We are so collectively embedded in habits that it will take clear focus to shift towards creating to match our true desires.
Without conscious (and consciousness) awareness, we will recreate our divided world.
The collective narrative continues to amplify fear in our amygdalas, a portion of our brain that strengthens our insecurities.
Unresolved trauma runs rampant in most people. It is an easy task to engage the fear mechanism with curated narratives designed to maintain the status quo.

Control and authority held in the hands of a minute minority of the population … acting through unresolved trauma.
This is how we got on this repeating cycle of fear and scarcity mindset creating nightmares and people to fear.
It would be equally easy to create a reality that allows everyone to live in harmony and respect for each other’s sovereignty.
Natural order. 
Live and let live.
It is not natural order to infringe the basic human rights of others.
I see it clearly. In my heart and higher mind.
Finding ways to share relative truth with a focus on solutions. The task at hand.

It is my deepest desire to play a role in developing a new system in recreating the systems of the world based in wellness and freedom for all. This will require optimal collaboration by dynamic groups of individuals who have developed a threshold of awareness about themselves and integrated a threshold of their own authenticity and abilities from the wounding and cultural programming we all have been subjected to.

Imagine. Click to hear Jack Johnson cover John Lennon’s Imagine.

Everything Exists. Nothing is Judged.

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2020

A broad definition offered by Facilitator, Pernilla Helmersson:
Everything Exists and Nothing is Judged.
Via Access Consciousness, an organization. Link to an interview later in the article, Wisdom Consciousness.
To arrive where this definition points …
I call personal optimization.

I hypothesize that you will have upgraded your operating system to Four-Point logic from the historical (currently common) Two-Point linear logic system. Choices of mindset.

Consciousness. To optimize our consciousness is to wake up to our film projector function.
It is … Epic.
You level up in the computer game of Life.
Your Avatar will be able to access so many more tools that will enable your life to run smoother.
Solutions to problems that may seem cemented in … will just come into your attention.
Be aware of where you place your Pure Intent.
Your focus.
There are an abundance of bad habits modeled in the world.
But if you value my opinion, I would warmly recommend that you adjust the bad habit of focusing on things that you do not prefer.
If you resist the temptation to change this habit,
you may find yourself stuck in a loop … indefinitely.
Could be fun.
Until it isn’t.

Everything Exists and Nothing is Judged quote was taken from a video where Pernilla Helmersson and James Blacker had a conversation about Wisdom Consciousness.
James Blacker adds in that Integral versus Absolute Consciousness is a Useful Perspective.
The Absolute holds firm to one view, not allowing other views in.
The Integral can hold its view and yet remain open to alternate views as well.

What I think we truly desire, deep down, is wisdom.
Not synonymous with knowledge.
Wisdom could be defined as: the application of intuition & knowledge.
And logic. The four-point kind.
An art and a science.
To do so optimally creates the master.
In life.
Each for ourselves.
If we choose to focus our attention on knowledge as right or wrong (using what I call the suboptimal two-point logic system – so alive in our world today),
it is not necessarily going to illuminate the situation.
We must see knowledge for what it is.

To differentiate wisdom and knowledge: the holy grail in our world.
Right now more than ever.

To be bold: truth is not knowledge.
Truth is something far greater than that.
Truth must feel true. To us.
Knowledge ideally works in harmony with the intuition.
Keep in mind … intuition needs space around it.
To function at its highest capability.
We must be in a calm state to optimally access it.
I call this coherence.
The business of ordinary life can strongly reduce one’s access.
If you resonate with the truth of this.
Organize your life accordingly.

Make space for optimal function.
Of your intuition.
A key component to the human being embodying his/her natural state.
How to look after yourself epically well?
An important question to answer for yourself.
I consider this with high importance in my life now.
Always experimenting.
Never a dull moment for me these days.
Yet, my top priority is self-care.
These are difficult times in many ways.
First things first.
Self first.
Not selfish but self-first: a fantastic strategy to access my fullest intuition.

Brings me back to a concept shared by Steven Covey in his famous book, The Seven Habits of a Highly Effective People:
He offers a system of categorizing activities in your life:

 1) Important and Urgent
2) Important and not-urgent
3) Not Important and Urgent
4) Not important and Not urgent

Category #2 can be a true differentiater.
People who are frazzled and busy, what I call incoherent, are too busy putting out the fires of the #3 category to find the time for #2’s.
(Yes, I am laughing as I write this).
Worse, is when someone else’s #3’s are taking all of your time and energy.
Watch out for that scenario!
I see it regularly enough.
Some choose activities that are best categorized as #4.
We are all free to choose our activities.
This category system helped me a lot in my life.
I can be viewed as impolite and not following the social code when I exercise my freedom to say no to requests.
I came to feel long ago that if I cannot maintain my coherence, I am of little use to anyone.
I feel this is true for all of us.
We fluctuate in our functioning.
Sometimes, it feels like we can take on a whole lot.
And we can.
But possibly not in a long-term sustainable fashion.
This can confuse us and those who benefit from our higher capacity periods.
With awareness and understanding,
coupled with optimal communication in a caring way – both when asking others to help and when answering requests for assistance – we hope to be optimally understood, and true to ourselves.
Life is dynamic.
It does not stay the same. Another pearl for me:

Embrace Uncertainty. Deepak Chopra
Oprah says, Exercise your choice muscle.

Another quote from Deepak Chopra:
Happiness creates its own chemistry
I upgrade this concept to:
Coherence creates its own upgraded energetic field.
More of a Physics concept.
Which benefits chemistry, biology, relationships, youth-enhancement, etc.
In my learned opinion Physics trumps Biology.
And Chemistry.

Mindset Over Matter.

A simplistic way I describe coherence:
What you think, what you feel, what you say, what is in your heart and what is in your soul all match up.
Withholding key information when it would be appropriate to be honest and transparent.
Manipulative actions attempting to control others.
Saying yes, when you mean no.
All ways that reduce your personal coherence.
Inauthentic choices.
Horribly bad for your health.

At the same time, it is optimal to be gentle with ourselves and others.
We are all experimenting to the best of our ability.
Ideal when we can communicate clearly when mismatches occur.
Coherence is promoted when we all recognize that there is only one person we are in control of:
one’s Self.
Mastering that control is the road to experiencing your fullest coherence.
So simple, right?
(I say with a chuckle).

I can’t change your mind (mindset).
But you can.
Every single one of you.
Fantastic news!
Beautiful Truth.
It is as beautiful as it is.
No judgment.

Hint: Click on Blue type to see included links.

Disclosure Dream

Monday, September 14th, 2020

September 14, 2020

“Delusional Global Paranoid Disorder sustained by political reasons”.
Dr. Mike, Practicing Psychiatrist (Click on Title to view the 11 minute video)

I had whole body goosebumps when I first heard this statement in the video. My next thought, based on my experience as a retired Family Doctor and a Bipolar-labeled person, “Paranoid delusional disorders are an epic challenge to treat (or connect with the paranoid-labeled individual).” This is valid if we are working on the assumption that allopathic medicine offers optimal guidance.
[I no longer believe in Science as it plays out in our world today as it is a component of the unsustainable system of systems].
I recall in Don Miguel Ruiz’s book, The Four Agreements, how he shared that if everyone suffers from the same skin condition, and one becomes cured (returned to their natural state) the healed one will be perceived as abnormal or diseased. I very much appreciated this perspective. The truth pill, in this case, is particularly challenging for an affected person to choose to swallow it. To my perspective, here we are right now. Hence, the spirit of the Facebook page, Manic Ministrations.
Manic= enthusiastic
Ministrations= tender, loving care
It requires great mastery to care for someone as they attack and belittle you. As a kitten would respond to meeting a dog for the first time. A gentle dog wishing for connection will be naturally attacked by the cute, yet fierce, little kitten. I witnessed this recently in my life.

I created this 18 minute video My Perspective … Unmasked to share my perspective, as geeeently as I am able.
(Click Title to view).
I am well aware of the pitfalls.
I encourage everyone to resist the kneejerk reaction to shoot the messenger.
That is sooo last millenium.

I want to better describe my point in the above linked video about the Hippocratic Oath: Primum non nocere. A better translation to “First do no harm”. It means that to ever choose anything outside of natural process, it is imperative to know, really KNOW, that before choosing a therapeutic action, one is wise to ensure that it truly leads to an improved result. That is a very high standard! I would boldly say that in order to do that one MUST be aware of the Natural History of a condition. Which truly requires one to understand “what is a human being”. One does not know what one does not know. So the illusion of knowledge tends to stop inquiry. I feel this happened in our unsustainable system of systems. I will include a little story I self-published years ago to describe what the Natural History (a medical term) really means. In a nutshell it is observing what happens when we do nothing. The human body has amazing self-healing mechanisms naturally in place. It requires patience to take the time (could be years) to see. Only then can we assess any therapeutic actions. I sincerely believe, also, that the truth is much more relative than we have been trained to recognize. To assume we now work in an optimal paradigm: I question that assumption.
Wisdom Teeth: What Have They Got to Teach Us?

I have a long-standing personal theory that our current unsustainable system of systems was enabled to evolve to its current state due to translation challenges. A translator can only translate to their level of consciousness. I feel that hundreds of years ago this set us into a suboptimal negative feedback loop. High vibrational messages were translated and the deeper meaning to messages was significantly lost. I point to this in one of the earliest self-published articles I wrote: Lost In Translation. (Click title to view)

I have long believed that this was by accident. Simple ignorance (lack of full understanding about what a human being truly is and how reality is created). This year, I am deeply curious and entertaining the idea that there may exist a smaaall percentage of individuals, in positions of power, who are consciously aware of a deeper understanding about the full potential of a human being and how reality is created … and choose to keep the full understanding to themselves in order for personal gain and dominance to entrain the world population to maintain the creation to match their self-serving desires. Willingness to explore this theory in a sincere way may allow for the highest relevant truth to be known widely. This is the type of curiosity I hope to inspire. Remember that famous scene from A Bug’s Life? (Click title to view the 1 minute clip). If the ants were to recognize their own power, in numbers, then the grasshoppers (those holding control and authority) would no longer be able to maintain the status quo.

The truth is hidden in plain sight. There are natural rules to follow and that hypothetical minority knows this. Each individual has creative power. Voluntary choice is always there. Like the tailors in the old children’s story, The Emperor’s New Clothes, this elite minority sells you on their idea leading you to voluntarily choose to go along with it. You collude with them, not fully recognizing what has happened to you. They know your character … and they exploit your weakness. In the world’s case it is fear of dying. Food for thought.
Here is a 4 minute version of the story: The Emperor’s New Clothes.

I am curious if I have succeeded in clarifying Dr. Mike’s statement: “We are facing a global paranoid delusional disorder”. As in the story, we can choose to laugh at ourselves and talk about it for many years to come.
My gentle offer.
Embrace our collective vulnerability is our greatest power now. Dr. Mike’s video was the seed to my collecting my own work in my eclectic way. It is called collaboration. Open data. Authenticity. Transparency. We have billions of individuals on this earth with each their individual gifts and genius. When we collectively work at a problem from its most fundamental understanding, brainstorming and implementing solutions will be …So. Much. Fun!!!
Mark my words.
This is the good news that I received all at once in October 2012. It blew my mind and then a lot of energies that were not a match to my new understanding were cleared out. A chaotic, SELF-LIMITED state. There are some who are concerned that when the masses come to this understanding they may experience a manic (psychotic) episode. The experiment is now. I believe that we can avoid this psychotic bloom … If we can masterfully deliver the manic ministrations. So much love is available to each and every one. Bless, bless.
To a smooth birthing of a new, upgraded optimal mindset. There are a loooot of midwives available now. Who have gone through their birthing process (mostly) already.

Runaway by Kanye West. Click Title to view.

I cried deep soul tears as I listened to the Kanye West production, by chance, after collecting the bulk of this article as comments to the Manic Ministration Facebook post of the Dr. Mike video.
Lyrics from the chorus:
I think it is time for us to have a toast:
Let’s have a toast for the douchebags
Let’s have a toast for the scumbugs.
Every one of them that I know …

Everyone …
We can figure this out.
I know that we can.
And it will be easy.
Yet … it will take great courage.

I want to add, after much reflection, that I prefer to state that there is a global entrainment and hypnosis rather than terming it a global paranoid delusional disorder. Our Education System is a part of the unsustainable system of systems. To be labeled with a DSM diagnosis is not at all helpful towards solutions. Yet there is a playful part of me that is a tiny bit delighted to allow people an experience of the extremely unhelpful labeling within the allopathic medicine framework. I wonder if it might lead to greater understanding of why dismantling this suboptimal system is for the greater good?
We can establish a new system of systems:
to enable and empower optimal human health.

Experience is the optimal teacher, I always say. Haha
There is a more optimal framework.
I guarantee it!

For those who are fluent in Star Wars theory, I predict that an Order 66 type of event is coming soon.
It feels quite entangled. Who is pulling the strings?
Or is it simply a natural event?
Disclosure of the most relevant information: my dream for the world.
So that we make make informed decisions.
I cannot give informed consent unless I feel I am optimally informed. Requires trust.
Are we living in a world of manufactured consent?
It feels like it to me.

September 22, 2020
Willful Blindness. I read a book by this title about 10 years ago. It was in my confusion while undergoing the conscious uncoupling process. Click on title to see an overview of another book titled Willful Blindness. I long ago gave away the book I read. I cannot seem to find its presence online.

I recently attended an online Science of Consciousness Conference hosted by the University of Arizona. To more optimally understand consciousness would benefit us all very much.
I was fascinated learning about a couple of the more prominent theories available in the Scientific Community. The Illusion Theory and Panpsychism were the top contenders. The Illusion Theory uses the analogy of our computer homescreen, with the icons representing files of data. Naturally our minds do more pruning than expanding in attempts to cope with the high amounts of data and perceptions available. Much perceptual processing and pruning occurs subconsciously. Highly relevant to my discernment.
Another interesting tidbit: therapeutic use of psychedelics received a fair amount of airtime with much enthusiasm.
The most resonant and aligned talk, for me, was by Deepak Chopra. If I could gain access and permission, I would love to share that publicly. I will keep you posted.
He gently and eloquently shared a narrative that we do not actually need Science to live harmoniously, with both health and prosperity for all, when we understand and appreciate the true nature of a human being.
Quite a powerful idea.
To question the many assumptions in the world, including viral theory, is monumental and the very foundation of Science. Epic misunderstandings are challenging to uncover and show up with regularity in the medical history books.
The entanglements are complex and prevalent.
The natural tendency to self-align only with current perception content leads one to never find one’s way to alternate narratives. And then there is the common condition of being “short on time”. Alternate narratives require some context. It may not fit into 15 minute timeslots.
Reminds me of a book I read while I was a Family Physician, The Fifteen Minute Hour. It helped me a lot. I found the volume of people attending my office with psychological complaints a challenge to address. Click Title to view a summary of this book from the Official Publication of the College of Family Physicians of Canada.
I include an excerpt from this publication:
The authors of this book encourage family physicians to BATHE their patients as well. The BATHE technique is an excellent screening method for anxiety, stress, and depression. It enables the physician to identify and deal with these issues in 1 to 2 minutes during the patient interview. Both patients and physicians are reported to have enhanced satisfaction as a result.
I rewrote the next paragraph from own memory: Clearly available after 23 years since I was in full-time practice.
The original concept of BATHE, which comprises the questions physicians should ask their patients, stands for the following:
Bothering (What is bothering you?);
Affect (How does that affect you?);
Trouble (What troubles you the most about that?);
Handling (How are you handling it?); and
Empathy (Offer an empathetic response).

As a Physician who has geeked out on many topics over decades with the Personal Mission Statement to enable and empower optimal human health, I warmly suggest that we all get into the metaphorical bathtub and BATHE each other.

Dr. Zach Bush shares an 11 minute message that echoes my own experience as a Physician. Click his name to view. He had the experience of bringing 3 different individuals back from death during one ICU 36 hour shift.
I firmly believe that Experience is the best teacher.
It is overdue to take the time and share our meaningful experiences with each other.
Logic and Science left unchecked appear to have us painting ourselves into a corner.

One perspective I carry: collectively we are pretty good at creating nightmares and monsters. We could just as easily use our collective creative power to create a system of systems that work for everyone.
Willingness is a key missing ingredient.
That can change in the blink of an eye.
Are you willing?
Where there is a will, there is always a way.

Truth: The Final Frontier

Tuesday, June 30th, 2020

I start this clarion call in June 2020. During the post-lockdown era that began in March 2020. Where the decision to wear or not wear a mask is on the minds of many. I observe so many of us feeling inspired to make an authentic contribution on this contextual backdrop.
Issues of polarity are many, and it appears the gap between each side has widened. Ultimately, it would seem that the most relevant truth to be known could reduce this gap. And yet … here we are.
I have long described our world as an unsustainable system of systems. The truth is much more relative than is commonly understood.

JP Sears recently shared a 5 minute video parody, “How to Get Angrier at People You Disagree With”. Click title to view. He pokes fun at a collection of groups.
Certainly a nudge towards the more peaceful option to “agree to disagree”.
A new approach is beckoning.

We truly need a new Truth System to develop making collective decisions that support our world in Unity (I define here as understanding).
It is definitely not about assigning right or wrong. We require a new template to establish a process to make decisions that affect all of us.
I have many ideas.
The biggest roadblocks:
Willingness to create a new process.
Ability to identify the problems: areas that require exploration for better outcomes.
I am beyond convinced that our current model of collective decision- making is simply suboptimal. Broken even.
This impacts Every. Single. One of us.

Bentinho Massaro offers some pearls of wisdom in his 19 minute video, “This Rude Awakening & The Endgame of Unity”. Click on title to view.

What is required now is Regenerative solutions, not simply sustainable ones. We have sustained the status quo long enough.

Heartmath Institute’s 4 minute video on “The Importance of Resilience” describes the optimal physical state of coherence.
In a nutshell: I see the need for the optimal people in an optimal state of coherence and personal awareness to collaborate in a whole new way in order to discover solutions that work for everyone.
We require a whole new Truth System.
Completely outside of our current unsustainable system of systems with the over-representation of control and authority.

I feel I am one of many of us that have been developing ourselves to have a role in positive system change. In this article, I hope to attract the perfect storm of individuals to start to develop a group of approximately 10-13 people with the diverse skillsets required for the task of introducing a Solutions Service: to develop plans and strategies for solutions.
My personal mantra is to enable and empower optimal human health.
This or something similar would be the basis of establishing solutions. My 53 years on the planet showed me that the systems as they exist act as a roadblock to establishing optimal human health for the majority of earth citizens.

Is this a valid exploration in your own mind?
My sense is the mission statement sets a solid foundation for assessing solutions.
Can we collectively agree that this is a worthwhile aim? Optimal Human Health? I do believe our current normal is better termed suboptimal.
To truly dive into this purpose, requires a lot of collaboration and exploration.
We would need to get curious and question assumptions.
We might need a large table to collect the variety of expertise and experience required for issues of collective importance. Health is one of those.
Tribunals of Truth. Has a ring to it.
We would not want to exclude any sincere, high integrity groups from that table.
A table like this has not been set within my lifetime, as far as I know.
The most efficient and effective way to find solutions begins with an honest and sincere description and inventory of the problems. Identifying them at the most foundational level accessible.
To be optimally effective, each individual seated at the table would be highly self-aware.
Here is where the challenges start to line up.
How do we define self-awareness?
I feel it exists on a spectrum, like every human characteristic.
How would we determine the “threshold”?
How do we assess self-awareness?
Who is best suited to assess this for each participant at the round table?

There are many entanglements and mindsets within our larger community.
I have long known this is a good model to solve any and all world problems.
Without willingness, this would never be enacted.
How uncomfortable do we need to become before we are willing to develop an efficient, effective way to optimally make community decisions?
It appears we may be discovering this soon in the post-lockdown world.

Possible ways to assess an individual? I share my first brainstorm how to actualize a method (this would ideally be collaboratively arrived at):
1. Assess whether whole brain thinking is taking place. Would an EEG be a simple way to assess? I wonder if psychologists have developed questionnaire-style assessment tools yet. I have had the idea of creating a short video, created with discernment, that upon assessing the reaction of a person after viewing would be clearly delineating whether someone functions purely left-brain, right-brain or whole brain. This feels like a relevant marker to be aware of for all team members in a roundtable environment. To enable unity. By unity, I mean understanding. Not for using in a polarizing, judgmental way. The challenge is that the less self-aware individuals risk feeling offended by this whole process. Masterful facilitation is required along with a basic willingness of participants. I envision the initial groups would demonstrate this to the skeptical. Initial steps would include discovering a collective problem to sample this theory.
2. A group of 5 suitable “psychics” who have developed the gifts of assessing state of being. I choose 5 as it would allow for a more holistic assessment. I recognize that this may feel concerning to some. It is not about judging, ranking and sorting. More about one modality taken in consideration with other physical measurements.
3. Heart-rate variability assessment via heart monitor can estimate coherence as described by the Heartmath Institute.
4. Assessment of the EMF (electromagnetic field) or similar. I have no knowledge in this area yet I invite the appropriate collaboration with a variety of individuals interested in exploring the theory I present here. I desire connecting with experts in the field of biophysics. I sense all this exists already, it has not found its way to wider attention … yet.
5. Authenticity Scale: 0-1000 modified from the Scale of Consciousness first described by David R. Hawkins in the book Power versus Force.
6. Mindset awareness. By discussing current issues to assess whether accessing 4-point logic. If only 2-point logic being used, and polarized style of assessing current events, then novel solutions serving everyone collectively are MUCH less likely to be formulated by an individual. This is relevant to add to the exploration of the people best suited to sit at a roundtable to assess collective problems with the aim of creating long and short-range solutions to serve everyone.
7. Willingness to collaborate to develop a novel Truth System.

I include a Highwire video link, 2 hours long to direct you to a short clip at 1 hour 51 minutes. (I cued up the link).
I happened to simply peek in at 1:51 and resonated strongly with Denis Rancort’s response to the question, “What should be the policy?”
“Our policy moving forward, what do you think we should do?”
They are discussing the Covid-19 situation.
His answer was perfection to my eye.
A key quote:
“(We need) to hold people responsible for the decisions they made in the absence of science”.
I will boldly state that there is no system setup to enable this very important task.
Yet. I always like to include the “yet”.

I, weeks back, chose to subscribe to the Highwire YouTube channel yet almost never actually watched any of the videos. I quickly became saturated by the polarizing machinations of the various issues. Until this unique moment. I am hoping to give the reader “raw data” about how efficiently one can live when they hold a strong physical coherence and have clear alignment to their specific role/dreams/purpose.
There is a lot of data out there.
It would be fairly easy to collect a myriad of differing, polarizing opinions on any topic du jour.
To consume all that exists and competes for our attention feels neither efficient or effective.
I have intended to only understand an issue well enough to be able to create a framework for the solution.
This does not require me to know very many details.
It is naturally how my mind has worked my entire adult life.
I will add in another key concept that caught my eye when I went back to 1:34 to find the beginning of the Denis Rancort, PhD
(Ontario Civil Liberties Association) interview.
“Winter burden all cause mortality”– the same this year. Consistent for decades. Interesting …

I feel to share a small, not too challenging, “true to my life” example from 15 years ago.
I earned a playful moniker as “a snack nazi” following the front page publication in my neighborhood newspaper, The Riverbend Rag, of a letter I had written to the Edmonton Public School Board.
It was far from my intention to appear on the front page of the sweet little neighborhood paper.
A friend of mine was the Editor and a fellow Education Advocate at the time.
I shared the letter with her and she asked if she could publish it. The front page status startled me.
(A low news day to be sure. Haha)
The topic: snack policies in the school system. My oldest child, daughter, reported that she had enjoyed an entire donut to celebrate a classmate’s birthday.
It acted as the straw that broke the camel’s back. I had, over 3 years, become quite horrified at the volumes of non-nutritious snacks consumed by school children. It appeared a sloppy lack of attention to the health of students.
This may appear so trivial, yet it is a clear small example of what I am encouraging on a grander collective scale.

Prior to taking it to the district level, I had presented my concerns to the parent council, including the Principal and a Teacher representative.
Looking back, my stance was confident, clear and even hierarchical. Not the optimal way to enact change, I now know.
I was truly shocked by the response to what seemed so logical and “backed by Science”. Yet my concern was definitively and nearly unanimously shot down.
To be clear, I was not proposing elimination of junk food but a policy to consider the responsibility to maintain a balance between shared treats and health. Portion control. Some gentle encouraging policies to guide families as they sent the volumes of treats to school. What I naturally did with my children when they were in my care.
I clearly stated I could not support a teacher handing out full doughnuts to grade 2 students. My rare habit was to purchase a doughnut and cut it into 4 pieces. I had playfully learned that I enjoy tasting and the second bite offers not much addition to the first bite.
(Yes, I have learned how ridiculous this sounds to most people. And yet, that was my authentic, educated choice.)
I took photos of large piles of candy associated with each event:
Birthdays (over 30 children in the classroom at the time)
Valentine’s Day
I can tell you, each portion was far more than I would ever choose to put into my own adult body.
Having practiced as a Family Physician, I had given this issue a lot of thought over the years.
I landed firmly on step 1: portion control.
I sincerely felt this was a reasonable solution.
Reflecting back on this today, I recognize that I was hurt by the response. And I learned that my approach was not optimal.

The biggest reason I felt to share this anecdote was based on a beautiful conversation with my daughter recently, in 2020.
15 years later.
My daughter is now a practicing Dietician working at a local hospital.
I recalled this memory to her and she was inspired to hear all the details.
She followed with what I now wish I had recorded.
Firstly, she recounted how all of my concerns have been met with policy at the district level.
Secondly, she eloquently reviewed her knowledge about how to inspire change.
Her knowledge obtained during her Program sounded like a TED talk.
I would have loved to hear that 15 minutes presentation prior to approaching what to my training felt to be very straight forward.

She reviewed the baby step by baby step process of initiating change of behavior.

I happen to have a current example of taking action to communicate my desire for change from my life today.

The Flouride in drinking water issue. That likely a majority of you may not feel is an issue.
I understand that, just so you know. A polarizing issue to my perspective.

My Letter via the City of Edmonton website:
“I was pleased to hear from Epcor that the city water is not being fluoridated while an upgrade is installed.
They mentioned that it is the City of Edmonton that mandates fluoride be added to water.
There is ample scientific evidence to suggest that fluoride is a neurotoxin.
Long ago, the focus on bones & teeth took center stage.
I, and many others I know, spend money to ensure we do not drink water that contains Flouride.
I encourage the City to revisit the choice to add flouride into the water.
There is a court case that I am aware of underway in the US.
I recognize that this is yet another polarizing issue in our community.
Yet, I believe we all share the desire for optimal health.
Historical decisions benefit from re-assessment.
Thank you for serious consideration of this fundamental support of the most health beneficial water supply for Edmonton citizens.
I am concerned that polarizing issues are challenging to address.
I am a retired Family Physician so am well aware that this would be seen as controversial by many, including Health Professionals.
A decade of contemplation about SO many health issues, I have come to feel that a formal Tribunal is a possible tool to review important issues in our world.
Best to include a vast array of multidisciplinary people ensuring to represent all perspectives.
To be most beneficial, this would require inclusion of “non-allopathic” professionals also. And a wide array of high integrity individuals at arm’s length of the health field.
I am very concerned that our world requires structures to discover the most optimal truth for everyone.
To my perspective, these do not exist. Yet.
Edmonton could create a beautiful new model that the citizens would come to embrace.
I believe, now more than ever, we all want community decisions to reflect an optimal support of general health.

Their response after 1 day (impressive turnaround):
“Good morning Angele,
Thank you for your email regarding fluoride in the water. I can understand your concerns and would be happy to assist you.
Fluoride is added to Edmonton’s drinking water under terms of a 1966 plebiscite (Edmontonians supported). EPCOR manages Edmonton’s drinking water to ensure it is among the best in the world. Edmonton’s drinking water meets or exceeds all required and recommended health and regulatory standards, including Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality, Health Canada.
The Canadian Dental Association supports fluoridation, as it benefits all residents in a community, regardless of age, socioeconomic status, education or employment.
The amount of fluoride in our drinking water is 0.7 parts per million (ppm), the optimum level approved by a Health Canada expert panel; changed from 0.8 ppm in 2009.  Fluoride dosing is continuously monitored and reported daily to Alberta Environment.
I have submitted your comments under reference number 8021491630 for review.
More information from the Health Canada expert panel report can be found online at
Thank you again for taking the time to email us, your feedback is important.

I guess I choose to share this true life example of the challenges in our world.
If we want to go where we have never been, how can we if we keep doing as we have always done.
As a retired Family Physician, I get it. This is how the system works.
I am concerned about the neurotoxicity of Flouride, yet the Canadian Dental Association gets a big role in assessing the safety of Flouride as it related to teeth and bones.
I came up with a fun little analogy: To use flouride to build strong bones and teeth is kind of like using cocaine to enjoy high productivity. They each have their side effects, yet if we focus simply on the “positive”, is there a problem?
One simplistic view that I would prefer is that when we know there are polar issues, can we land on a solution that leaves both sides the freedom to agree to disagree? With flouride, if someone feels to take it, they can freely do so without it being in the city’s water supply.
As for masks, if someone feels a need to wear one for their protection, go ahead. The grave concern I have is that one mindset has the habit of requiring the other mindset to act in a way that serves to reduce their fear.
How much are we held captive by the fears of others? I know it is complicated.
I see our systems encouraging fear and creating elaborate smear campaigns for those who are not in fear. Clearly, the 2 groups believe differently.
Live and let live goes a long way to world peace.

My last 10 years of exploring consciousness, I have come to a few hypotheses/conclusions that I will simply list without too much explanation. As one of my top motivations to share is to find likeminded collaborators. You will know who you are.
1. Science, as it exists today, is like a religion. The profit-driven Science system bypasses so many caveats.
2. Consciousness is the foundation of health (and reality).
We are like film projectors able to create our reality yet many have been led to believe they are simply like a camera, taking still shots of some solid reality that exists independent of them. The Physics of Consciousness is the most fundamental Science I am aware of.
3. Physics trumps Biology, Chemistry and Genetics.
4. Our systems are not built on strong foundations. Hence, they appear to be crumbling. We can rebuild regenerative systems that enhance and support optimal Human Health. I know it.

I must admit that this all feels silly and petty on one hand.
Yet the foundation of freedom and the responsibility implied feels at risk.
I strongly believe that a new Quantum Truth System could handle the complexity of our world challenges. It requires a higher level of consciousness for those at the decision making level.
The feeling of being manipulated by strong-willed individuals acting upon unhealed aspects of themselves who have control of the common narrative is … quite unsettling.
No human left behind. Yet, not every human is best suited to develop solutions for the highest good of all.

Protected: Scale of Consciousness/Authenticity Scale, Gene Keys

Friday, March 27th, 2020

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Do You Have A Thinking Problem?

Monday, April 8th, 2019

April 8, 2019
(Wrote over 3 sittings: March 1, April 6, April 8, 2019)

Yes, you read me correctly.
A thinking problem.
I boldly claim that you do.
We all do.
Thinking problems are at the foundation of ALL challenges we face on earth today.

I sit down to this writing after reading Chapter 5 of The Big Book. (Click title to Wikipedia link)
My borrowed copy is of the 16th printing from 2005.
I am compelled to write by hand into a blank notebook.
I rarely write by hand … as in … with a pen.
I recognize that on the rare occasions when I do, it is due to a high level truth of great intimate importance.

I could go into a discussion of the various pathways that our collective thinking problem can play out diversely in each of our lives.
I will not.
Just look around you and notice the state of our world.
The history books add their own flavor to our state of affairs.

I wholeheartedly believe that now, more than ever, is a time to choose to be solutions-oriented.
Ultimately, within yourself, you will decide if this pragmatic offering resonates with you.
I see it as a potential shortcut.
To discover who you truly are.
Outside of the entrancement and indoctrination you have experienced thus far in your life.
As we all have.
I offer:          5 Steps to Transcend Your Thinking Problem

Step 1.
Develop curiosity about what is possible for any and all human beings when in their optimal state.

Step 2.
Envision an optimal future.
How would you spend your time?
Who would you prefer to spend time with?
(I recommend using nonspecific descriptive words to describe roles rather than specific names.
To honor the sovereignty/free will of others amplifies collective harmony.)
Do not believe everything you think right now.
I strongly encourage you to be open to the fact that everything you believe holds you back from your optimal state.
Question everything you have ever believed to be true.
To the best of your ability.
Start with a clean slate and allow experience to teach you.

Step 3.
Carefully consider the concept of the Universal Mind.
The Knowing Field.
I choose these terms. Intuitively feel into their meaning.
Each individual may prefer another self-chosen word to represent this physics (of consciousness) concept.
Physics of Consciousness:  A field ripe and ready for a formal birthing process within world-class Education Institutions.
We all would benefit from a solutions-oriented re-establishment of the World Order.
I intend this in the biggest way.
Fundamentally, our world functions with an unsustainable system of systems.
I dream of a day when optimal collaborative groups of individuals gather to focus on developing a new system that will transcend any and all problems faced in the world today.
These meetings might benefit from every participant to declare to the group:
Hi. My name is _________ AND
I choose to focus on ultimate solutions within our current unsustainable system of systems.
My tongue in cheek reference to the practice within Alcoholics Anonymous (AA): My name is ________ and I am a alcoholic.
The AA fellowship inspires me.
A large, inclusive fellowship of human beings would be amazing.
My suggested proclamation can only be used for as long as it is relevant.
Presumably, when optimal focus on solutions is applied in a wide, non-hierarchical, multidisciplinary way, there will come a day when it will no longer be an authentic statement.
Each individual need be mindful of adapting this statement to reflect the highest relative truth for them in the moment.

It is time to focus attention on the Level of Consciousness of our leaders: political, business and otherwise. Personal development is required to hold the consciousness capable of making decisions for the greatest good for all. I will not elaborate but give this some consideration.

Step 4.
Be aware of the powerful impact of the subconscious mind:
Energy trapped within your cells unrelated to verbal abilities.
Each human being begins life as a sensitive soul.
The environment we are born into could be viewed as traumatic in many and subtle ways.
In our pre-verbal years, we are vulnerable to the disharmony that could be called normal despite it being sub-optimal.
A basic need is to be loved and nurtured.
Accepted for who we are.
Even the most loving homes, I propose, have been incapable of avoiding trauma exposure in our modern day world.
A harsh word.
Distracted parents.
This is enough to have an impact.
Disharmony breeds disharmony.
I will not elaborate.

How to harmonize the subconscious disharmony we have been entranced to?
A worthwhile question.
I often wonder if, in our attempts to conceptualize this, we stray further from our natural state of harmony.
Like a dog perpetually chasing his tail, our minds forever gnaw on the desire to clear subconscious trauma without making any headway.
I do not have the answer however I believe there is power in holding the question in a high level of importance.
Intending for access to our natural harmonious state.
My current sense is that the solutions will not satisfy the linear, analytic thinking style so alive in our world today.

Signposts to access solutions to this issue … of needing to approach subconscious opposition to our true nature:
1. Soundhealing – Quartz Crystal singing bowls.
2. QHHT – Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique
3. Family Constellation Therapy.

I appreciate this short list of modalities in my personal experience may seem randomly inserted.
From one perspective, they are.
It is my hope that by listing them without explanation can serve to demonstrate how solutions are under no obligation to fit neatly into linear, logical styles of communication.
Left-brained thinking.
I believe optimal solutions come via whole-brain thinking.

It feels very clear to me that we do not know so much about our true nature functioning.
We work within a limited and substandard framework.
Our systems do not allow for us to dismantle the framework that would result, phenomenologically, in a framework to match our true nature and capabilities to rise up.

Our natural capabilities to communicate with our environment and each other, without technology, awaits our collective discovery.
A subset of people are presently aware.
It is anyone’s guess what percentage of us is required to create the new sustainable system of systems for the betterment of all.

Step 5.
Do what comes naturally.
Take inspired action.

Inspired action defined as feeling excitement (many people link this excitement to fear, not optimal).
The analytical mind reacts automatically for many of us.
To dissuade us from following our own inspiration.
Others may very naturally talk us out of our inspiration.
A knee-jerk reaction.
Some habits are a challenge to change.
I encourage a more live and let live attitude as we all experiment within our own evolution.
Whether we fly or fail is less relevant than the experience and story that results from exploring inspiration.
Increasing flexibility within our perspectives – multiple always accessible -will lead to a much more evolving human story.
Our current collective irritability and discontent is calling on us to write new storylines.
First individually.
Then, we will be well-served to coalesce into dynamic groups.

Step 5 works best when you have taken an earnest & sincere inventory of yourself, including your history.
There are infinite approaches one can choose from.
The seed that inspired this article was reading the Blue Book of Alcoholics Anonymous with the 12 Steps.
An interesting concept to ponder: every human being consider diving into the transformational potential of AA’S Steps 4 & 5. Whether or not addiction has played a role in life.
Step 5: Admitting to a higher power, ourselves and another human the exact nature of our wrongs.
Requires first, Step 4: Make a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.

Food for thought.

We All Shall Be Reunited (my addition – with ourselves, our natural selves) by Patty Griffin from her album Downtown Church.
(Click title to view).

Sovereign Dreams

Saturday, December 22nd, 2018

December 21, 2018

The path of making dreams come true rests on the ability to transform … transmute the fear of uncertainty
… into the excitement of possibility.

Are you a Doubting Thomas? (Click to read a short article I wrote on my Disabled Angel website years ago).
You may be wise to look into that.
In order to enact dreams.

Today I add a fun little video from travel blogger Lost Leblanc, How To Travel Alberta.
It extends on the artistic Alberta theme woven into the Doubting Thomas article. Pictures of Alberta Landscapes and You Tube videos from Travel Alberta’s marketing campaign are peppered within it.

 I want to emphasize Bentinho Massaro’s message shared in a video posted October 2014 titled, “How to Serve in the New Earth”.

The importance in becoming 100% confident in yourself, from within is uniquely described. Nobody outside yourself can tell you who you are.
When you recognize this, you are free.

I transcribed from 1:17:30.

If you really want to be Cutting Edge. If you really wish to go beyond the muck of Doubt and Equality and Inequality and other people thinking this and that of you. If you truly wish to Rise Above all of that, not in a Bad or Arrogant way. Just Rise Above all of it. If you Truly Wish to Set Yourself Free and Live in the Realm of your Chosen Thought, your Chosen Reality, your Chosen Frequency. You have to come up with a lot of Courage. You have to come up with a lot of Bravery. You have to Dare to Just Know. You have to let go of Physical Evidence because Physical Evidence is the result of your Knowingness, your Choice, your Conviction. If you don’t Choose your Conviction first, the Evidence will not Change. The People in it will not Change. The Scientists in it will not Change. You will Never Read an Article Confirming what you Intuit because you are Not Choosing your Intuition before you Read about the Evidence. This goes to all aspects of your Life. You Wish to see Confirmation of what you Know, Intuit and Hope to be True. Trust in your Hope until that Hope is Knowledge. Then that Knowledge or Conviction is then the Word that defines your Reality. Then Suddenly, there is Proof for it All Around You. Then Suddenly you Don’t Need Proof of it Anymore because you just Know Creation does not have One Reality and that Everything Else is just Imagination. You Know that Every Creative Reality is another Portion of Imagination Equally Valid to any Other Reality. The Question no longer is, am I delusional or not. The Knowledge is I am delusional … and so is Everybody Else.

We are all Delusional Creators. There is No One Solid Reality we All Agree Upon. There is No One Newtonian Truth. There is No One Scientific Reason or Reasoning. There is none of these. So you have to Realize that You are the Creator of the One Entire Individual Experience. At some point, you will be Lifted Beyond the Realm of “is this true or not?” I am not sure. I am Doubting what I Intuit because it has never been shown in Science Now. It has never been explained by some PhD sheep that followed the Educational System. (Bentinho lightly uses his hand as a gun to shoot himself in the head. Quick and subtle.) … There is No Need for Confirmation Outside of Yourself. You have to take that Bravery. You have to be willing to be Delusional. At least be willing to be Delusional for a Moment. And see that I Am actually just Free and this Reality Shapes Itself According to My Convictions. Once you start Tasting of that, you know that that is the Objective Truth that is True for Everyone but then Certain Beings think that is Not True for Everyone. What is True is what we Perceive. What we Perceive is the tail end of our Creation. Our Creation is Everything we See. Our Creation is Originating in our State of Being, our Conviction. Where we place our Energy, Focus, our Intention, our Self Belief. You have to be Willing to Let Go of Circumstances Dictating what is Real or Not for You so that You can Start Dictating Creation Effortlessly, Beautifully, Joyfully …

That is what Alights You. That is what Accelerates You (Rising to your Highest Version of Yourself). That is what For You Generates more and more Heaven On Earth.

I am the Happiest Person I Know. And I am 26 years old. That is not a thought I conjure up a lot. But sometimes people ask – you are so young and you generate so fast. How do I do that? It is by Following My Own Teachings. By Not Caring about the Outside World. Not Waiting for other People to Agree with Who I Am. Simple, right? Don’t wait for Other People to Agree on Who You Are!

The Fact you Desire to Be Who You Are is the Highest Authority, your Higher Self’s Permission Slip to Act in That Way, to Be in That Way.

With Integrity, with Love and Respect, of course. That is Not Difficult. That is Not Two Different Things. In Fact, You are Lacking the Integrity and Respect if you Don’t have the Integrity and Respect to Honor your Higher Self’s Impulses.

It is a Combination of what is Relevant to You. What is Inspired to You by Your Higher Selves. How You Respond to that, Receive that, Act on that in terms of Your Vibrational Attitude …

As an Exercise: Always be the Most Confident Person in the Room. It is not about whether that is True or Not. It is not about Comparison. When you Ask: Am I the Most Confident Person in the Room? Yes is the Only Valid Answer. Am I More Confident that Bentinho? Yes. I don’t need anything. I Am So Confident. …

I know Everyone here is my Child. Begging for Affection, Approval and Love.

Always be the Parent of the Circumstance. Of course, Unless You Want to Be the Child. That is Perfectly Valid too.

…At some point You get So Confident and you Know: oh yeah, these Beings Do Not Know Better than I Do.

As You Raise Your Confidence Frequency, you say wait a sec, these Other Beings Don’t Actually Know What They Are Talking About Better Than I Know Who I Am and What is True and How Life Works. I Have Full Access to that. When You are constantly in the Automatic Mode of: Others Know Better than I do, there is Outside Authority and I have to Wait for them to Agree with Me and Teach Me something. Then you are never going to move as fast as, for example, I tend to move. Because You are Not Choosing to be the most Confident Being of Your Reality.

End of transcription.

Felt to transfer what was an overflowing Facebook Post November 10, 2018 from my Sovereign Fun Page for easier retrieval.
I had included this Bentinho Massaro video as an addendum years ago in a Disabled Angel story. I find myself returning to this powerful message again and again. It points to a Beautiful Truth. For each one of us.

My creative choices in how to share these messages hint at a little dream of mine:
To put Alberta on the map as a destination for accelerated, efficient, effective personal optimization.
For anyone who chooses to pay us a visit.
Another seed planted.
I do not wait for it to sprout.
On to the most inspired action. Now.

“Enable the self-healer within.”

Angèle Beaudoin, Beauvera Health, Address, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Postcode.


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