Informed Consent in Treating Psychiatric Conditions

Informed consent in treating Psychiatric conditions: are we there yet? Sadly, no.

It is time to change the conversation. Truly …
I have always taken the Hippocratic Oath VERY seriously:
First. Do. No. Harm.

What to do when other Physicians appear not to consider it as seriously as I do?

A key excerpt from the article:
“In order to choose, you have to know what’s possible. Perhaps the most important truth I am here to share is predicated on the one of the principal tenets of ethical medicine – INFORMED CONSENT.

Informed consent implies the exploration and confirmed awareness of all known risks, benefits, and alternatives. In addition to peeking behind the curtain of medication efficacy and safety to see the small man pulling the strings, you need to know what is really possible in order to make a choice that feels empowering to you. Did you know that you could put schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, OCD, panic attacks, chronic fatigue, ADHD, Major Depression with suicidality, eating disorders, and generalized anxiety into total remission without medication, and even in spite of it? Watch what these people have to say about their experience doing just that. Did you know that you could shed these labels and walk into the wilderness of your life only to encounter the real you? I’ve come to believe, from the hundreds of patients and online participants who tell me the same thing after they come off of medication – that they finally feel like themselves – that psychiatric medication makes the deepest spiritual work largely impossible. It’s almost like cutting the chrysalis to free the struggling caterpillar before it has metamorphosed into a winged creature ready to set aloft.”

My own experience as a Family Physician and patient labelled as Bipolar … I concur.

“Enable the self-healer within.”

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