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The Final Hurdle

Saturday, November 18th, 2017

Today, November 18, 2017, after publishing what I feel is my most powerful piece of writing to date, Falling Off The Edge, I chose to listen to a Kryon message. There are a number of You Tube Channels that share these. A lot of messages. All available for free. I made it a habit to listen to at least one per week over a year ago. I can honestly say that the messages from Kryon have informed me more than from any other source. In my entire life. They match messages I have obtained directly. In my experience of being myself. A medium of sorts. As with individuals, no two mediums are exactly alike in their abilities. Unique flavors each of us. Mediumship is described as unfolding not taught. A state of allowance is required for this. I attended Arthur Findlay College twice taking courses in Trance Mediumship. This is not something that can be truly taught. Who can teach me … to be me? A ludicrous question. But immersing yourself with others sharing the intent to unfold their own authenticity is a great container for evolution of the self.
So I vibed out Kyron Teaches How to Clear The Final Ascension Hurdle With Pure Intent.
I value my time. I do not choose to take a lot of time to listen to all of Kryon’s messages. That could take over a year.
So this one published by Modern Galaxy recorded in Australia in October, 2016. Often the dates are not noted. I prefer to listen to the most recent. I know that material evolves as we do.
This one, to my mind, seemed a bit old but strong vibe to listen.

I consider Kryon to be an expert in what I call, the Physics of Consciousness. Only a select few other friends appear to have interest and knowledge in this area. I imagine there are many others, just not in my experience.
Kryon is a master of the metaphor.
This video was particularly succinct to my senses.
I will transcribe every word.
I know some people prefer to read over listen.
I encourage you to take a little listen at how the message sounds too.
You may get a whole lot more than if you just read the words of English that I will transcribe.
Or, due to my intent to copy the full message, perhaps it does not matter.
I do not know.
I welcome any feedback on that. An experiment of sorts.
He speaks in this video about communicating outside of words.
I have come to understand that I am very proficient in understanding this type of communication.
I do not understand this with my mind though. But feel it is true.
I am a translator of this. I have known this for a while now. Cannot explain it.
This past year, I gave myself a new label:
I am fluent in the language of intention.
Kryon calls it the third language in the video.
My translation of the bible description, Speaking in Tongues.
Something I specifically put my pure intention on, despite not even knowing what it meant.
Until now.
It started as an hypothesis (I am a scientist at heart you know) long after my pure intention while visiting John of God in Abadiania, Brazil in October 2014.
Now I know.
3 years lag. Not too bad.
I track lag as I try to understand this journey to my authentic self.

FULL TRANSCRIPTION STARTS of the 22 minute video:

Greetings dear ones. I am Kryon of magnetic service.
Once again, my partner steps away.
And the pure energy is here.
And its the energy from the other side of the veil.
It’s not what you expect.
You expect messages given in your language.
And as they are given, you understand them … or not.
You analyze them later. You write them down.
But what is let in … is phenomenal.
Your allowance of this process, being real to you, allows an immense amount of what you think is energy to be passed to you.
Energy is such a catch-all word.
It can mean so many things to so many people.
It isn’t really energy at all.
It’s truth.
It’s love.
It’s compassion.
It’s thank you.
It’s so many things.
It’s the family.
With a reunion that is precious.
Imagine … coming through the veil is all of that … right now.
And the human being is asked to see what you can.
Recognize and feel whatever it is … specific to you.
The old soul is unique.
You have a unique path.
The future is unique.
The past is unique.
There is nobody, no soul group, like you in the galaxy.
So each one of you is on a different path and each one of you has different things you are learning.
I cannot sit here, nor any other channel, and give you a stream of words in your language that is gonna suit everyone in the room.
Instead … the love and compassion comes flying in with what we call the third language.
And it sits upon you and educates you, loves you and holds your hands.
That’s unique for each one and whispers, in this wind of change, I know your name.
In this wind of change, I know your name.
I know who you are, why you are, what you have come with.
I know the difficulties.
I know the trauma.
I know the joy.
And it’s unique to every single individual, including my partner.
Unique. Different. Special.
Each one of you.
There is no human on this planet who doesn’t get this.
But the old soul is the one who can pick it up first.
You have spent your lives in spiritual work. In so many lifetimes.
And awakened, in so many lifetimes.
So, this particular third language starts speaking to you.
And you start understanding.
It’s a real communication to you.
This is going to become more acute. Cognized better.
With old souls who can count on this without a channel.
Grabbing it themselves when they meditate … even when they don’t.
Starting to hear it.
Understand it.
At an esoteric level.
And it will guide their lives in the future.
Channeling, eventually, will be a thing of the past.
As humans evolve and they become their own intuitives.
And they don’t have to have someone sitting in a chair, passing information through a translation medium.
Like you hear now.
This is where its going.
And the old souls will lead the way, be the example, like they have in the past.
Except in the new energy, they will be seen as teachers.
They will be honored as balanced ones.
As masters.
Masters not as the ascended masters but masters of life.
Somebody you want to be with.
Somebody who has answers.
Somebody to feel peaceful around.
Dear ones, the last two channelings I have given in your country are related.
This last one is related.
If I had told you that there was a trilogy of information, it would have been incorrect.
Each channeling will stand on its own.
However, the three together will complete the information that the other two have.
And that is free choice, is it not?
To listen to three. To listen to one.
But not having to listen to all three.
But understanding that if you do, the picture will be clearer.
So this is the third of three.
For those of you who did not hear the first two, they are all about the energy of today.
Dark and light. Duality and Akash.

In the first channel, I told you about the truth of you.
Duality is becoming more contrasting.
If you take a device which will represent a photo and you turn up the contrast,
the darks will be darker and the lights will be lighter.
The blacks blacker. The whites whiter.
And that is what we told you in the first channel that is happening with duality itself.
And it is becoming troublesome for many.
Those who don’t understand what is going on on the planet and have been lightworkers and old souls, even those that are in what we would call the business of reading, channeling and healing.
If you don’t know what is going on, it is going to be frustrating.
We told you this.
There are those in this audience, not just the ones listening, the ones sitting .. who are frustrated.
Who are stuck.
Who can’t get a grip on what is going on.
Who are trying for a long time. Nothing is happening.
I gonna address that in a moment.
Those listening. You too.
Duality becomes more contrasting.
The negatives are more negative.
The positives are more positive.
But … human nature sees the negative first.
And so there is fear.
And the fear then develops into greater fear and more worry.
It’s a cauldron that sits on itself and develops more of itself.
That is the way it works … so it doesn’t get any better.
Even though the light is lighter, you don’t go there.
You don’t see it. It is not obvious.
And so you’re frustrated.
I’m going to tell you why in just a moment.
And so the first channel was about this.
Asking you, Where is your truth of you?
We said, When you are not in meditation, who are ya?
Do you leave here and become someone else?
Is your spirituality something you report to and dress for?
Is it in a box?
Or … Is it every waking moment of your life?
The duality is becoming stronger.
You might say it is a battle.

It is a battle for dark or light in your very soul.

Vibration. Which one will you be?
Will you be balanced or not?

Or will you worry … in fear … for the rest of your life?

The next channel, we started to identify why it is happening.
The shift is upon you and the next channel started to say to you, you’re an old soul.
And old souls have gone through so much.
Where they have had to fight the negative.
Where everytime they showed their light, they were snuffed out.
Or put in the corner.
Or ostracized.
And lifetime after lifetime, you would awaken and say, well here I am again!
Maybe I won’t shine my light.
But you couldn’t help it.
Truth is that way.
Awareness is that way.
When everyone’s in the dark and you have an answer, you want to tell ’em.
And then you tell them and they look at you and say, who are you?
Carrier of magic?
And they create their own darkness out of your light.
Through their own misunderstanding and their own fear.
So it doesn’t matter how spiritual you were, you were still ostracized.
Sometimes you were terminated … because of the magic you had.
And the second channeling described then you coming into this life with a thousand past lives fighting an energy that you never got ahead with.
And suddenly, there is a shift and a change.
(11 minutes, 24 seconds)
The burdens are starting to be lifted then we said your akash still carries the ancient fear.
And that translates into lack of self-worth.
We told you that.
And that is why lightworkers and old souls sit in front of me listening and sitting, almost all, who question their worth.
We started telling you that the planet itself is geared, this time, to help you with this because the shift was known to be happening.
The ancients predicted it.
Here it is.
We told you the pleiaidians knew that when this procession was finished, the nodes and the knolls would open and the time capsules would start doing their best to push and pull that energy around of your akash.
We told you that the planet itself, when the crystalline grid would start vacuuming it up.
It’s a good metaphor.
Vacuuming it up.
To help you to get out of the fear.
To get out of the condition of a duality that was shifting.
With an akash that was pressing on you.
And here you are in the middle of this shift as an old soul and some of you are still afraid.
You don’t know.
You can’t trust the light perhaps.
You are uncertain of what to do next.
Or you can sit in this channeling and read a book and it doesn’t help at all.
You’re still stuck.
And the things that you want to change, your joy factor, for instance.
Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up in the morning and be cheerful?
No matter what.
No. Matter. What.
Knowing that the balance that is your truth of the duality is in the positive side.
Sure, you’ll have bad days.
But the balance that you have will always come up … to being the balanced, compassionate one.
Who will laugh a lot. And smile.
And see god in everyone.
Where is that with you?
And there are those that would say, it is nowhere with me.
That’s not me yet.

So I present you #3.
Twenty years. And we have been talking about something called Pure Intent.
One of the strongest things that a human has.
Esoteric? Yes.
Physical? Yes.
And we defined it so many ways.
Pure Intent.
Different than just intent.
It’s the kind of intent where you say, I intend to get wet into this lake.
I’ll think about it.
I’ll intend and intend.
But Pure Intent has you jumping in the lake.
Knowing that gravity will take over … and put you right where you intend to be.
That’s Pure Intent.
The other word is cognizing.
Believing it so strongly, it becomes you.
It becomes your way of life.
Intent is so powerful.
It is the one that is #3 of the two we have given you before.
Combined with the information we have given you in the last two channels,
the trilogy is this: It is the catalyst for everything you’ve asked for.

Now let me tell you, it has another name: Release.

I’m  going to paint a picture for you.
(15:28 in the video)
Of a train.
It is so easy to imagine that this train, chugging along on the tracks.
The train is your soul, or your soul group, through the ages.
The train always moves forward in time.
It has the same engine.
That engine is that which you call the higher self.
Or what we would call the higher self group.
It’s always the same higher self.
The primary is the same.
Your best friend is the higher self.
Well the higher self has been with you every single incarnation.
It pulls the train through the ages.
The train doesn’t stop.
Even when you die.
Time continues.
When you return, you have more experiences.
The last life you lived is added to the train.
Think of it as a new car.
And every car carries a load.
Now for eons, that load has had an energy.
It’s a dark load.
Because you have had a battle that you fought over and over and over.
Cars are added every single time you arrive.
The engine, which is the higher self, it does a good job.
It pulls them all, no matter how many you have.
But the vibration of the train is tainted by the vibration of what’s in the cars.
Lifetime, after lifetime, after lifetime.
You fill the cars with dark coal for instance.
And the train gets longer and bigger.
You come into this life and the train is the same.
Only the train starts to have other things to take place with it.
The channel that we gave you, the first one, the train starts to change in its awareness of black and white.
Light and dark.
High and low vibration.
The train itself gets to be confused because it has never seen this before.
The train doesn’t even know what balance is.
In the second channel we told you that the track itself yells at you, let me help you, let me help you.
That’s Gaia (Earth).
The energy around the train which is the field reaches out and says, let me help you, let me help you.
And all you can see is cars. Thousands of them. Filled with dark energy.
And you sit there and you say, I don’t know, I don’t know.
I’m not getting anywhere.
I am stuck.
All of this is so confusing.
Dear Spirit, help me.

And now, I want to tell you.
I want you to reach down and see that beautiful engine of the higher self.
And I want you to throw a switch and release all the cars.
All of them.
And I want that to be a fresh and new beginning that you are doing, Yourself.
By releasing with Pure Intent and understanding that all of the help that you wanted will all flood in.
But until you release with that intent,
it’s still going to be difficult.
You are stuck because there’s too many cars.
The things that are not moving in your life are because there are too many cars.
And they are loaded with your Akash, which has been “over and over” so dark.
And so tough.
And now it isn’t.
The wind is at your back.
There is light coming.
Color is coming in a black and white world.
You are positioning yourself to be at the right place at the right time.
But not with those cars.
And when you release ’em … with Pure Intent,
you may ask in a linear way, well where do they go?
They go away!
You are not going to run into them again.
This is not a temporary fix.
This is not a bandaid.
This is you releasing all of the eons of stuff that you don’t need.
That’s the Catalyst.
That’s #3.

I want you to take this channel and listen to it again.
And listen to the other two.
Put this together and connect the dots … and Be Free.
Be Free of this past Akash.
Be Free of that which was a darker world.

Old Soul … You have Graduated!

There is no reason to pull around the books you learned from.
Cast them away!
The Sun is coming out.
And the Engine is Fresh.
With no cars at all …
And the ones you create now … won’t be dark.
Because it is different.
It couldn’t be clearer.
It’s another metaphor.

I am Kryon.
In Love with Humanity.
Because I am connected to the central Source.
Which is in love with every(single)one.
Doesn’t matter who you are.
What you’ve done.
Or your Attitude or your Belief.
It’s absolutely guaranteed.
No matter who you are.
The veil covers so much to you.
If you only knew what’s out there.
The hand is very big.
That wants to take you into a grand place.
And cancel the fear, so that when you get up in the morning …
You’ll Smile and say …
Thank you (God) for another beautiful day.
That is enough. For Now.



My summary:
This message could be termed grandiose.
To me, it is simply … authentic.
Connecting to who I really am.
No longer fearing it.
I feel, that with pure intent, I simply let go of all of those train cars carrying the energy of fear.
A balanced locomotive. At last.
Why I often call it a non-event.
I am the same as I have always been.
Without all the baggage.
An authentic human being.
Nothing to be afraid of.
I unlearned my teachings to fear this.
Simply that.

A cosmic joke that this simple message, in our present environment, feels profound.
Yet it is mundane.
A non-event.
Yet simultaneously a grand event at the same time.
Just be your purest, authentic Self.
Too simple to be true.
It is simple.
Also true.
Possibly there are all of those train cars preventing this evolution, reunion with one’s truest self?
Keep in mind that when there is a will, there is always a way.
The only thing preventing this from spreading like wildfire is the will.
There are infinite ways.

Listen to me now.
Believe me later.
On of my favorite phrases from my youth.
My Dad taught me that.
(I share warmheartedly).

“Enable the self-healer within.”

Angèle Beaudoin, Beauvera Health, Address, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Postcode.


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