My Translation of The Lord’s Prayer

My multidimensional self: I exist across several dimensions and am interconnected with the higher aspects of all living things.
A mystery to my human mind.
My highest good awaits me in each moment.
I intend to expand my perception with ease and grace.
Then simply choose the highest good available to me now.
I am grateful for all that I have now.
I accept and embrace all that is present now.
I see the jewel in myself and others, especially in challenging circumstances.
I flow with what feels good in my heart.
Thus, naturally … by pure quantum physics, I embody high energetic vibrations.
Love, harmony and true power are forever mine.
In full faith and light.
In the infinite now.
So be it.
And so it is.

The above text was taken from a Facebook Post on Agent Angel dated September 6, 2016.
With a few tweaks.
I felt so good about it that I have it posted to the top.
This is not trying to be facetious.
This was my sentence for sentence translation of the Christian Prayer into Scientific Terms of the Physics of Consciousness.
I feel more like the kid who noted that the Emperor was not wearing any clothes when he paraded naked down the street because a couple of tailors had talked him into doubting his own perception –
In the famous children’s story, The Emperor’s New Clothes, written by Hans Christian Anderson.
In this 3 minute version, click on link, it is epically well demonstrated how people can get into gloriously messy situations when they live with self-doubt and worthlessness issues. It makes us do some pretty crazy things. Ponder that in the context of your own life.
Take notice that the innocence of a child, in his authenticity, was not afraid to admit that he did not see clothes.
He had not taken on the self-doubt and worthlessness issues … yet.
He had not taken in the lessons from society, so he just spoke it like he saw it.
Everything exists. Nothing is judged.
The Emperor was simply not wearing any clothes.
Truth … is Beautiful.
Once we take on societal training, truth can feel extremely inconvenient. And uncomfortable.
The trick is to move beyond the inconvenience and discomfort. To recognize the Beauty of Truth.
But the observation I make here can attract negative consequences.
Others judging me as grandiose, crazy or worse.
In other historical eras, it is enough to warrant death.
How about in present time?
Have we evolved past the judgments?
Can each of us take full responsibility for our own tendencies to judge others (ourselves)?
When something within yourself is brought to your attention, it can surprise you and you may have great difficulty accepting formerly unrecognized things about yourself that you judge as wrong.
We are our own most powerful critics.
Time for Judgment Day.
My translation: The Day you refuse to judge yourself or others. Work towards personal authenticity and honor others to do the same. We have quite a mess in the world now. Dropping Judgment will create the container for the Beautiful Truth to be harvested.
This will simply take a tipping-point percentage of us.
It may not look so pretty at first.
Keep your eye on the prize: authenticity. Connection to the power of who you truly are.
A multidimensional being with access to all that you require … once you figure out how to operate your vehicle (multidimensional self).
It is happening.

I ask again, Are we ready to attempt to perceive optimally for the highest good of all yet?
Remains to be seen.
When we can accept ourselves as we are … and trust our own discernment because we are brave enough to be who we are. We can choose to change our mind about anything at anytime.
It may take time, but we can be willing to consider if our present state is optimal … for us?
And not take anything away from others?
Live … and let live?

I include here the memorized version from my prior practicing Catholic days.
I became an Ex-Catholic shortly after the Baptism of my youngest child.
He was Baptized in the early months of life and he is about to turn 13 years old.

“My Father, who art in heaven
Hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come
It will be done
on Earth as it is in Heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread.
Forgive us our trespasses
As we forgive those who trespass against us.
Lead us not into temptation
But deliver us from evil.
For thine is the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory.
Now and forever.”
I write this only from memory December 7, 2017.
Gives a different vibe, doesn’t it?

My translation using more Physics/Metaphysics terms, to me, is a Masterpiece.
What I mean when I say that the Bible got seriously “Lost in Translation”.
The people centuries ago who took the pen to paper wrote it from their Level of Consciousness.
By following this overly “literally”, we locked in a lower level of Consciousness.
Books. Wisdom. Systems.
Need to evolve alongside us.
I vibe out my translation written above at 1000, using my conceptual Scale of Consciousness.
That could be translated as full authenticity.
I call my Scale of Consciousness an Authenticity Scale.
This concept is upgraded from the one given by David R. Hawkins in his book, Power Versus Force.
Keep in mind that words and language also have been challenged to keep up to date with Human Evolution.
I recommend to feel into the words.
There is an intention behind all words.
What I warmly recommend is that we all polish our skills in the Language of Intention.
A wave of the future.
I have recently added a label to my collection (for myself): Futurist.

In order to fulfill my Soul’s Purpose, my Personal Mission Statement, To Enable and Empower Optimal Human Health, we are going to need to deal with the Unsustainable System of Systems.
Sooner or later.
I prefer sooner.
Like now.
Let’s get on it.

I dream of being a part of an harmonious, collaborative team working towards building new systems to empower individuals alongside the antiquated disempowering ones.
A significant task.
A valuable mission.
To efficiently, effectively empower people.
It will save a lot of money.
A natural side effect will be a more balanced distribution of resources, whether it is money or otherwise.
There is enough for everyone.
Solutions abound.
Willingness to discover and enact solutions is the thing to cultivate now.
My plan: Optimize the individuals … who will naturally optimize the systems to enable more and more ease and grace in the individual human optimization of whoever chooses this path.
Onwards …


“Enable the self-healer within.”

Angèle Beaudoin, Beauvera Health, Address, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Postcode.


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