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You Enable Me

Thursday, November 2nd, 2017

You enable me … (to be my full authentic self).

My upgrade from that old famous quote from the Jerry Macguire movie “You complete me”.

An intimate couple needs to create the container together to allow for the authentic versions of each other.
Transparent honesty cannot be expressed … until both feel safe.
Unconditional love can create that safety.
It cannot be forced upon the other though.
A willingness to receive … is mandatory.
Whether to trust this is possible?
It will never come to fruition unless you can be courageous enough to believe that it is possible.
Just another epic Catch 22 of our world.
There is a leap of faith in there for most of us in today’s relationship environment.
Kind of like skydiving
That first step is a doozy!
If it is anything like my one and only skydiving experience, it would be all fun & exhilaration once free-falling.
But the fear and panic while looking out that open door at 13,000 feet was enough to fill my mouth with cotton.
I was tandem with a professional.
Without him pushing me out, there was no way I would have taken that step myself.
I was thrilled that he did.
Loved the experience.
I am known to say, I will try most things once.

Back to the skydiving analogy:
Remember … you are wearing a parachute.
When you are relatively balanced within yourself.
If it does not work out?
You will be there to pick yourself back up.
It may take a few tries.
I hypothesize that as the world and systems optimize, it will get easier and easier for individuals to do the same.
No idea if it matters whether the systems or the individuals optimize first.
Likely a coordinated dance.
Better to say a dance as coordinated as it is.
No judgment.
Deep in your heart and soul, you need to believe that unconditional love is possible.
Until you just know it.
And then you will dare to take the action you feel to take.
In your heart and soul.

Be gentle and patient with yourself.
It takes the time it takes to arrive to this awareness.
You will be rewarded.
I guarantee it.
You really cannot lose.
When you are able to so deeply love and trust yourself, you enable the ability to trust others.
It just works this way.
I play around with the concept of calling this the Physics of Consciousness.
The up and coming Science.
Not just loving and trusting your love partner or desired intimate partner …
…but everyone who you recognize trustworthiness within.
If nobody feels trustworthy?
You will have to go without … until you go within.

How do I come to know this and dare to write it out like this?
It’s a long story …

Why did I not share it sooner?
I grapple with the concept of arrogance.
So concerned about sounding arrogant, that I just kept quiet.
The world has a hard time optimizing when we concern ourselves with being judged.
I have been there and done that.
A huge piece that paralyzed me for years.
One man’s arrogant is another man’s self-assured.
I am as self-assured as I am.
I am not judging myself anymore.
If anyone chooses to, I leave that with them.

Then there is the grandiose statement.
One man’s grandiose is another man’s authentic.
Truth even.
The truth is relative, so I can understand how to some, the truth can be perceived as grandiose.
The Truth is … Beautiful.
To me.
I recognize that my truth has been deemed inconvenient by others.
It is what it is.

Take what resonates.
Leave the rest.
Good practice always.
Live and let live.
Peace out.

Keep in mind: You Only Live Once
Do not take me too literally here.
I joke … but feel free to take me seriously.

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“Enable the self-healer within.”

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