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Wednesday, November 1st, 2017

My habit most mornings: I start with a 2-3 song shuffle of either one of my Spotify playlists or all my songs on iTunes.
Some people pull cards, which I occasionally do also. But my magic playlists are my preferred “go to”.
In life.
Today was Lindsey Stirling, Crystallize. Love this one!!
Nice start to the day.

Also: Until We Meet Again by Dougie Maclean.

Next up: Home by Philip Philips

I love the eclectic mixup of my varied musical tastes and attractions.

I have noticed that occasionally my shuffling of the various playlists also serves others.
Maybe this sounds strange but I feel it is part of my Psychic Mediumship.
I just know when I know.
Just a couple of days ago, I was building a shelter for the Sweatlodge, in Blackfoot First Nations tradition, to help the sacred site weather the storm of winter. My friend brought out her Bose bluetooth speaker (I bought the same one as it has a rich sound). I recognized how the songs were speaking to another of our 4 person crew.
I delighted in the experience while I was sewing the plastic cord through the eyelets of the carport tarp – recently purchased from Costco. I ended up in a timewarp that had me missing a meeting that I was enthusiastically anticipating. Of course, it was perfect. My disappointment led to a vulnerable sharing and connection with my dear friend, the owner of the speaker. I often say these days that Spirit works in mysterious ways.
I was on my new rural property, a sacred site that I was inspired to steward.
I am asking for clarity in my purpose.
My music playlists do play a role.
I have known this for a long time. Yet never quite putting my finger on how it will work.
It works whether or not I understand it or consciously design it.
That is a Beautiful Truth that I feel applies to all of us, each in our unique way.

After my deep sharing. The four of us were enjoying a break together.
Banter was enjoyable.
I got feedback (after the fact) about how powerful a sharing I playfully put out to the group.
I demonstrated out loud a key style of my self talk.
We were debriefing about the installation of our carport.
The company who constructed the carport was French.
Parts arrived in boxes.
Assembly was required.
Instructions were not initially very decipherable.
We dug in. All four of us. Only after towards 8 people had constructed the metal bar skeleton the day before.
Our combined skills and talents … led to successful completion of the task.
A late discovery of a You Tube demonstration video offered some late confirmations of some key components, most of which we learned by experience by then. Ha ha
One of the team was feeling a lack of intelligence in an area he normally excels in.

I remarked I am as intelligent as I am. Sometimes I am very intelligent. Sometimes I am not.
I am pretty neutral about this. I do not judge it. I do not beat myself up when I find those moments of not.

This is a formula for me:
I am as thin as I am.
I am as clear as I am.
I am as beautiful as I am.
I am as particular as I am.
I am as tolerant as I am.
I am as generous as I am.
I am as kind as I am.
I am as happy as I am.
I am as in tune as I am.
I am as intuitive as I am.
I am as playful as I am.
I am as serious as I am.
I am as logical as I am.
I am as enthusiastic as I am.
(I am as sexy as I am. Tee hee)

Do you see the formula?
Whatever discernable (traditionally judge-able) trait I can think of, I choose an optimistic version of the dual judgement at hand. THEN, I sidestep the judgement via this style of self-talk.
I have been doing this quite a while but I had never said it out loud. Until two days ago.
I find the English language is set up to judge.
Vocabulary choices and commonly heard dialogue styles are an array of judgements.
The English language is dualistic by design.
It is setup to maintain duality thinking.
I feel it is all an illusion. There is no right or wrong. The Truth is Relative.
We are each unique. With all that is required to flourish. Only IF we feel free to be our authentic selves.
Duality as opposed to a more collaborative, unity approach limits individual optimization – by design.
When we choose to approach life in a spirit of unity and collaboration, we can create and maintain a more harmonious coherent energy field.
My definition of coherent, as used here: I am referring to the energy field of our physical body. More of a physics concept than anything else. It supports well-being when optimal.
One simplified way I like to describe this is when what you think, what you say, what you do, what is in your heart AND what is in your soul – all match up and align.
So many roadblocks to this in our world. Yet I believe we have more choice with this than we have been traditionally taught.
Personal coherence. A physical state of both your visible and invisible components.
Heartmath Institute has a short little video to better describe what I am talking about here.
If you have not already seen this, I highly recommend you take 7 minutes to watch it.
I like to call this multidimensional anatomy.
Have you ever thought of this?

French is my first language, yet I do not presently hold mastery with it… yet anyway.
I call it a facility.
I was raised by two French-First parents.
The French language is based with a much stronger connection to unity and collaboration.
I believe this does influence me. In a positive way.
I cannot speak for other languages but have had this type of discussion with people holding other languages first.
Multilingual people really concur with my views. Whatever that is worth to you …
You are free to decide.
Feel free to play around with this.
I warmly recommend it.
Self-accepting inner dialogue.
The beginning of a whole new way of relating. To yourself … and the world.
I throw it out as Food for Thought.

“Enable the self-healer within.”

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