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The Love Sign

Monday, October 2nd, 2017

Prince has some advice for us all … The Love Sign. Love sign #2 depicted in the tattoo picture.

The Love Sign Vimeo Video with Nona Gaye. Click to view.

A good day to dance to this one.
In light of the bad news of deaths in Las Vegas.
Let us use this tragedy to inform us in our daily choices.
Remind us how important it is to treat everyone with compassion.
Compassion is a super-power in my book.
How do these things happen?
Yes indeed.

Prince is shown demonstrating Love Sign #1.




The Dream

Thursday, September 21st, 2017


Exploring new music on Spotify.
When we experience a transition in life … it is time to create new playlists.
Today feels like one of those times for me.

The Dream by Max Scholpp

Secret (1980’s) Playlist

Wednesday, September 20th, 2017


Take On Me by A-ha.

Epic music video!

I will add this song to my slowly building Spotify playlist for 80’s music: Secret (1980’s). Click to go to the link.
I rarely listen to music from the 80’s as I grew up listening to it a lot in the day. I am being very selective with songs added.

Heard Take On Me today, September 14, 2017, in Tune Of The Day Facebook Group.
I really enjoy sharing music there.
A lot of lighthearted banter.
Someone commented about “Jordache Jeans”.
Pushed a couple of memory buttons for me:

Grade 7.
I purchased a pair of Jordache jeans.
A trophy for me.
My mom had a strict dress code.
I was not allowed to wear jeans to school.
Lots of comments grade 4-6 about my stylin’.
I was very resistant to my inauthentic clothing choices.
I was so happy once I was able to start wearing jeans.
Seems I never got over that joy.
I. Love. Wearing jeans. To this day.
Today Guess and Diesel are more my brands. I own quite a variety.
I play around buying different colors.
But blue jeans really do it best.
Dark. Distressed. Light.
I do have a beloved collection of jean-styles:
white uniquely zippered pair!
For dress up: felty beige and red, sheeny dark grey, purple. All 5 pocket. Handy for phone in back pocket and little treasures in the front.
Whenever I try to expand my style, it does not feel authentic.
Jean stylin’s rule my wardrobe.
Just an old wound playing out from the past? Perhaps …

I once read that men were polled about what is sexiest on a woman. The result: tight jeans. No wonder my mom wanted to forbid it. Haha …
(For men: suits. Some appeal for me in the past. Today: authentic dressing is the boss.)
Positive feedback caught my ears over the years.
Junior High- I was full grown in grade 8. Athletic and flaunting it.
Medical school – I learned years later that there were polls taken about which female med student was “the sexiest”. There were 2 camps. One was me!
I was so oblivious to this at the time.
So funny when it came to my attention eventually. Via a variety of sources.

Human beings.
We are strange creatures. Tee hee.

Which leads me to another memory:
I shoplifted a pair of Jordache jeans.
Wear baggy jeans into store.

Leave with the tight Jordaches underneath.
Not as much theft-prevention technology in those days. 1980/81.
Was attached to money at that time in my life.
Junior High.
Quite a crew of us girls in St. Albert were on a shoplifting kick.
Quite a variety of goods.
Some were more make-up & hairstyling devices.
I was clothing, bathing suits and sunglasses.
We all were caught eventually in different ways.
I was charged with “fraud”.
Changing the price tag on a pair of sunglasses. Meant for my friend.
My framing of it was funny.
Not as bad as stealing. The goods were not for me so … haha.
Just giving my friend a “sale price” under the watchful eye of the store detective seeming as a fellow shopper right beside us. I was impatient as I needed to get home to celebrate my Dad’s Birthday.
I ended up going to court and receiving an “admonishment”. Where I was surprised to learn the charge was mine. My friend was only “an accomplice”.
My mom was a law student at the time. Adding insult to injury.
My parents felt the experience was all the punishment I needed.
It ended my criminal career.
I was grateful for keeping the secret of how many stolen goods were in my friend & I’s possession at the time of the charges.
I told my mom 30 years later.
She was shocked. And dismayed.
My friend, soon after ex-friend, continued her career. Not getting caught though.

Thinking patterns can change …
The moment we choose to change them.


Karma Chameleon by Culture Club, the newest addition to the Secret Playlist.
Click Blue to open the You Tube video in another tab.

Here is a You Tube version of the Secret Playlist on my Disabled Angel Channel. Click on the Blue link to listen.
I love to entertain myself.

“Enable the self-healer within.”

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