Are You a Slave to Money?

My answer:  No.
Yet it confuses me endlessly to look around me in the world.
So many beliefs out there. Making a mess of the place.
The old saying, “money is the root of all evil“.
If this one lurks in your subconscious, take notice.
For me, a much more empowering belief is that “money makes you more of what you already are”.
Test for yourself how well this one works in your world.
My field testing has yielded positive results. So far.
Money is simply energy.

I have several new projects on the go with my recent purchase of 10 acres housing a 4800 square foot, 7 bedroom home.  I have taken a more active interest in money in order to support my passion projects.
I consider myself financially free, however, with recent change of events, it would give more ease and grace to my life to attract some more financial resources.  I have not earned money “on my own” for 5 years. I retired. Not that I am so attached to think that money to support my projects has to come via my “work”, I want to be open to it.

Picture painted as to why last night before bed, I sat up with my past life energy clearing tools. Just the bare bones:  pen, notepad, small atlas, necklace that I used like a pendulum, and a photo of some magic words with my own written upgrades. Picture shows my setup on August 24, 2017. I cleared 21 energies between the hours 0130-0400. An importance was tended to that night. Last night, I intended to enter a process I have done towards 200 times for mostly myself and recently a few close friends.  My exploration into the Physics of Consciousness, as I call it. Many might consider this supernatural. But to me, it is simply natural.  I took the super out of it a while’s back. All the time in the world is at our fingertips. In the now.
I cannot authentically say I understand this.
I have simply observed that I feel the upgrade after doing this style of work.
Working on myself, so to speak.
I am so committed to the Do It Yourself movement that I am passionate about supporting.
For many, some initial pointers can be helpful.
But bottom line: one has to have their own experiences.
Develop their own mastery.
Of the Self.
I cannot buy this.
Nobody can truly do it for me.
But facilitators can point out some important signposts.
I call myself fortunate to have collaborated with so many facilitators over the years.
I have not stopped to count them out but 50 or more is my first guess.
Consulting with alternative health practitioners has been a hobby of mine for about 7 years.
An education all by itself.
Sensing how the various practitioners work.
With my clairsentience. I have not found a better word to describe how I learn. Sounds supernatural, yet I believe it to be a natural part of being a human being. My strong opinion.
I firmly believe that our current helping systems have elements of disempowerment subtly built into them.
Many people still believe they must find the right specially trained person to ever expect to be healed.
I offer that without the individual taking the authority, that only they have the power to take, of optimizing themselves, their human experience will be suboptimal.
Not necessarily such a great concern these days as suboptimal is commonly called Normal.

Back to last night, September 19, 2017. Around 11PM.
My intention: to release blocks & barriers/suboptimal beliefs related to money.
The session started in familiar fashion … and then took on a life of its own.
Words flowing from my pen to fill two pages, both sides.
I will paraphrase/transcribe my notes following:
I went back to around 500-1000AD in West Sahara (as it is named in my old atlas, not sure if this region still holds this name).
I am connecting with the energy of a man in his 20’s. I am never sure whether to call this a past life of mine, a concurrent life of mine or simply an energy I have connected to.
I keep an open mind about this. Heaven only knows. Haha.
It is easier to relate with the hypothesis that it is a prior life my soul took part in.
I am a firm believer that the truth is relative. Please keep this in mind while you read.
It is not my intention to trigger cognitive dissonance within you.
Just using language to the best of my ability in this moment.
To more easily tell the story.
I am the seer/psychic for the community.
My skills are valued and respected.
However, I am enslaved to the leader, a warlord motivated to amass all the gold he could get his hands on. In this life, I was frustrated at being prevented from helping anyone in the community outside of the warlord’s wishes. I was not free. It was unnatural. It was my desire to serve the community.
In my naivety, I flippantly landed a powerful curse onto this warlord … and all of his descendants.
The curse: that he would be a slave to his money (as I was to his power, somehow, in this lifetime).
In my explorations of this technique, occasionally curses extend beyond just the one being cursed.
How we, as humans, use our power sometimes.
Perhaps this is just a metaphor. If so, so be it.
I saw the futility in valuing this rock: gold. I scoffed at the cosmic joke of it all.
I knew something, yet was not optimally conscious and as compassionate as I could have been.
My experience connecting with this energy was powerful and not to be ignored.
Remember, I have done this many times.
Never, did I experience so strongly as this time.
Feelings. Within myself.
I wrote that this lifetime experience was a “serious Joker’s Wild move”.

After connecting with the feeling/energy, I precede to Forgive.
“I intend to forgive myself for my actions in this past life in the West Sahara.
In full faith and light. In the infinite now. So be it.”
This was one of the very few times I included the word intend. Only to be used when not able to authentically forgive in the moment. Knowing that the intention exists will make it so. In time.
I wait to feel that it is complete. Took about 5 minutes this time. Usually, almost instant.
With the wisdom learned, I then say,
“Please release the energy associated with the past lifetime in West Sahara and disconnect from my whole body and sensory systems. I ask to fill this space with opal light. I ask for the highest energy of my soul to come in free of all negativity, past experiences and illness. In full faith and light. In the infinite now. So be it.”
In this case, I took an extra step to release the curse.
“I ask that any and all curses that I uttered in this lifetime in West Sahara be recalled and rescinded by the Universe. In full faith and light. In the infinite now. So be it.”

Extra steps involving physical harm to the body of self or others, Blood Oaths and Vows were not required for this past life energy. (I add for a higher level of understanding this modality).
I simply tap in until I feel I have adequate information to address the energetic block in this lifetime.

I now will transcribe word for word from my handwritten notes.
For those not familiar with my work, I rarely write by hand but occasionally am called to.
This was one of those times.

I must be very gentle with myself now.
I did not realize the enormity of this act – until after I transitioned.
What can be done, can be undone.
Big lesson for this lifetime:
It is so important to have compassion for others.
No matter what.

Coûte que coûte. (At all costs in French)
… including level of consciousness.
***This energy feels the same as I observe in those with solid beliefs holding disdain for others who may not share that same solidity with the belief. It can cause harm.
My aim is to gently demonstrate this as needing awareness. Awareness can melt away any negative potential. The power in holding awareness simultaneously with an open mind, an acceptance for self and others. Even when, especially when, two do not hold the same belief.
Whatever that belief might be. Religious, scientific, financial or otherwise.
To me, the energy is the same.
Yet I observe so much animosity fighting over the relative truth thinking there is such a thing as absolute truth. I no longer believe in an absolute truth. My experience demonstrates how dynamic truth can be.
I do encourage personal exploration for each individual with this in mind.
Willingness is the only missing ingredient usually required – to my eye.
Willingness is not something I come across as often as I would prefer.
My perspective.

Clearing this suboptimal energy this time is very different from any other I have cleared.
1. I procrastinated dealing with it the last 3 days.
Usually, I do the same day I am nudged.
2. This one feels more like an education.
Like I am learning something for the first time.
Usually, feels more like a reminder.
3. It is making me feel soooo solemn. :(
In a familiar way, yet it has been a rare sensation – like I have done this life countless times before, as in Groundhog Day. Thousands of times, stuck in a loop.
And this time … I finally got a new learning that will allow me to escape this loop and complete the original plan.
Finally …

I felt a strange, deep, melancoly; paradoxically peaceful in this tenuous compassion for myself.
I sense myself vibrating at 1000 = Full Authenticity. I refer to a scale of 0-1000 called the Map of Consciousness published in David R. Hawkins book Power vs. Force. When I first read this, I think I misunderstood it epically. In the light of Jesus Christ and self-actualization. Today, I call it an authenticity scale.
Today, I am simply authentically myself.
Nothing supernatural or difficult to conceive. And yet, with our standardized education systems, I do think it is difficult to conceive what is authentic in a world where we have been trained into inauthenticity. That is my perception based on my own experience.
I have been here before, but not for very long.
This time, I can hold it.
Embody it.
Because I know:
I have all the time in the world.
I am innocent.
There is nothing to be afraid of … it has all been an epic misunderstanding.
Once I know better, I do better.
With ease and grace.
I am in my natural state.
Which includes having great compassion for myself when I was not in my natural state.
Belief systems and templating were like viruses to my true nature.
It was like an epidemic.
Parents infecting their children with no conscious awareness of what they were doing.
The system was sewn pretty tightly.
Lots of Booby Traps that would catch any fellow humans who desired to unfold into their natural state.
It disrupts the status quo.
Without greater connectivity that enabling technology has provided, when the minority of a population attempted to break out of the spell, they were easily recognized and neutralized in many ways – great and small.
The tipping point was reached.
The threshold has been sustained long enough.
A critical mass of natural state humans have returned to embody on earth.
A new era … begins.
A time when dreams come true.
The natural result of a person in optimal balance.
The true essence of a human being.

I feel the education continues … without words.
Pretty cool.

I guess the proof of the pudding is in the eating.
Stay tuned.
Completed at 11:45pm.
Took just over a half hour.

I sense this clearing/neutralization of this curse will have a big impact on my life.
Even though I have no idea about any specifics.
These 2 pages channeled easier than ever before.
After a few minutes, I come back to add:

It is like the 100th Monkey Effect. Click the term for a wikipedia link. A Physics of Consciousness concept.

Now that I got it – many others will simultaneously.
The lesson was delivered simultaneously to many.
Nobody was first.
Then, a fan-out effect.
Each receives in their own way.
This lesson has already gone out to my Soul Group.
With my makeshift pendulum, I honed in on the number 1400.
I have no way of testing  or objectifying the number.
I sometimes ask for numbers, never really knowing if my answers hold any relevance.
Sometimes, I feel very strongly that the number is relevant.
Mostly, like this time, neutral.

Just another example of how I have learned to hold onto any concept of truth very loosely.
It would serve the world so well … if this approach could catch on.

(Please excuse the technical glitches with the photos. I plan to return back to polish the look up when able.)

Addendum:  I add a link to a story I wrote in 2014 Don’t Believe Everything You Think.
Felt it relevant to today’s sharing. A lighthearted style that I enjoy.

A link to a poem that channeled through me, Truth is Relative.


“Enable the self-healer within.”

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