Map Of Optimal. Health. Peace.

I added an addendum today to a piece I wrote back in April 2016. Self-published on my first website.

I did not fully recognize this piece at the time I wrote it.
I feel that writing flows through me but is not from me so I felt delighted to read it today and see a higher value in it than I did at the time of writing. Kinda magic …
But I always translate Magic as Truth not yet optimally perceived. Same translation for Miracle and Crazy.

It attempts to bring some willingness to the reader to understand Quantum Physics and the Four Point Logic system that enables a much wider ability to understand our world and how we are free to choose to optimize ourselves via a simple openness to consider an upgraded operating system. Widely available, yet not so commonly chosen – due more to lack of awareness of the choice than the lack of the choice.
A Beautiful Truth to freedom and wellness here.
Should you be willing to explore it.
Without willingness, it can never come.

Map Of Optimal. Health. Peace.

A new label I coined for myself today: I am a translator from four-point logic mindset to the more traditional two-point logic we have all been educated in. It is a challenging role. I keep exploring analogies, stories and thought processes that might pique the curiosity of the duality mindset population. And help the four-point logic mindset people to understand what has happened to them. There are lots of us around.
Optimal understanding is now coming into view.
There is a valid, alternative, mindset on offer.
Awareness and willingness go a long way to upgrade to this more collaborative, inclusive approach to life.
For everyone.

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